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The five people shot and killed in Kingstown on July 19, 2021. From left: Lamont “Dutchie” Hector, Jamal “Dutty” Bobb, Dondre Hillocks, Ricky Taylor, and Kashie Primus.
The five people shot and killed in Kingstown on July 19, 2021. From left: Lamont “Dutchie” Hector, Jamal “Dutty” Bobb, Dondre Hillocks, Ricky Taylor, and Kashie Primus.
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The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force, on Wednesday, announced an EC$50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the mass shooting in Kingstown that left five people dead.

D’ondre Hillock, Jamall Bobb, Lamont “Dutchy” Hector, Ricky Taylor Kashie Primus, a 13-year-old student died when the occupant(s) of a vehicle shot them in Kingstown around 8:30 p.m. on July 19 in the Harbour Club area of Upper Kingstown. 

Police are asking people with information to telephone 1-784-456-1102, 1-784-457-1211 ext. 4816,  1-784-456-1810 or 1-784-457-1211 ext. 4838, 1-784-457-1211 ext. 4876, 999 or 911 and report the information anonymously.

The police statement reminded the public that there are provision in the Witness Anonymity and Special Measure Act that permit people to:

  1. Give evidence without their identity known to the accused or his/her lawyer.
  2. Give evidence from an undisclosed location outside of the courtroom or overseas.
  3. Give evidence using voice modulation (your real voice would not be disclosed).
  4. Give evidence with their face blocked out.
  5. Give evidence via video link.

“All information received in these investigations will be held in the strictest of confidence,” police said.

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13 replies on “Police offer $50,000 reward for info into mass shooting”

  1. Why police have so little success in solving such murders is a combination of investigation incompetence and public fear of reprisals though this fear may be overcome given this $50,000 reward which is 33 times as much as the convicted low budget “cleaner” (hit-man) Schemel “Jacket” Dunbar, 34, was paid in the shooting deaths of brothers Danroy Cozier, a 26-year-old police constable, and Nicholas Cozier, 19.

  2. I thought they say they have the info and aware of the culprits . Thats pure hogwash, the chief of police is incompetent at best.

  3. The Royal St Vincent & The Grenadines Police Force is( RSVPL ) at best is inept, one would think by now with the big hoopla that the culprits would have been in Jail by now. The top brass alluded to the statement that the crime was the result of a settlement of an account by former friends and have a possible foreign connection, that much they seem to know. Presently, it would appear that they seem to know nothing. What can you expect when the top brass and his neighbor where were childhood neighbors and bosom buddies and did not assume the title by merit? The fellows can hardly say that they have mastered the English language much less to be efficient at what they were assigned to do.

    Citizens do not trust the RSGPF to give information even if they have it not even for a million dollars , given that the identity of the information providers may end up on the street putting the very lives of such information providers in jeopardy. Providers of such information may have to seek a new identity or even go in exile because the identity of such persons may be revealed. The RSGPF is simply not ready for such an assignment, they are simply not ready.

  4. Not sure if the police realizes that even if anyone do know or see anything they will never put themselves in any harm or danger by talking for men already know what comin at are known by the company you play around

  5. What’s so special about this that they would offer money to find the killers. All the murders in Vincy, and only this murder is important. It tells a lot about who is running Vincy. Look at their priorities.

  6. This is how the government is so backward and out of touch, this reward should of gone up by the next day, why even an idiot like me knows it, that a month later the people or peoples who done it have enough time to leave the country

  7. Jim what is obvious is that the police are are conducting a fishing expedition and is trying to save their face after alluding to the assumption as one contributor was a settlement of an account. Poor police work.

  8. Someone will talk about what happened. A good informer AKA man about town will do it for a decent amount of money.

  9. The first casualty of the mass shooting is the clandestine firing of ghe chief of police in disguise. No rightful thinking person would accept that lame excuse for ghe top cop reason for demiting office. Come again. Will he take Bailey with him? The house needs to be swept clean for fear of contamination.

  10. Maybe if they offer a larger amount of money someone might be willing to come forward with the information that can help with the investigation, maybe just maybe. Offer an amount that’s hard to resist. Someone might take the bait.

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