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James McGuire aka “Oliver” and “Popeye”. (Photo: Facebook/The Beauty of SVG with Aunty G)
James McGuire aka “Oliver” and “Popeye”. (Photo: Facebook/The Beauty of SVG with Aunty G)
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A Georgetown man has been ordered to compensate a neighbour whose fence he damaged, even as he is awaiting the outcome of a charge that he indecently exposed himself to her.

“I can’t see why big people behaving so. You ought to live well with your neighbour,” Magistrate Bertie Pompey told James McGuire aka “Oliver” and “Popeye” after he was sentenced at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

McGuire pleaded guilty to a charge that on Nov. 12, at Georgetown, without lawful excuse he damaged a portion of galvanized fence valued at EC$300, the property of Jennifer Rodney, of Georgetown, and at the time of doing so was reckless as to whether such property would be damaged.

The court heard that McGuire and Rodney are always in conflict with each other.

About 11 a.m. on the date in question, Rodney was inside her house folding clothes when she heard a loud noise coming from the back of her house.

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Upon investigation, she saw her galvanized fencing loose and swinging and heard the defendant saying, “Ah tell you ah go push it down!”

McGuire told the court, “I just got frustrated and push down the gate.”

He said that since he pushed the gate down his neighbour had stopped playing loud music until “last night”.

“If she turns up the radio, there is a noise act,” the magistrate told the defendant.

But McGuire said that whenever he would make a report to the Georgetown Police Station, the officers would tell him, “We fed up ah seeing your face …”

Pompey ordered McGuire to compensate Rodney EC$300 in one week or go to prison for three months.

Prosecutor, Corporal Delando Charles told the court that McGuire has no regards for the court’s orders as he breached a previous order that he must not have direct or indirect contact with Rodney.

Charles said that had the magistrate not handed down his sentence, he would have recommended that McGuire be remanded for “his disrespect to the honourable court”.

McGuire said:

“That is what all ah dem done plan this morning say me gwine ah jail. Me nah fraid jail ah nuh!”

“Right in the face of the court you’re showing your contempt,” Pompey told the defendant.

McGuire is scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 27 in connection with the previous charge.

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  1. and some people nar also show contempt for de courts tooo. by disobeying its. orders ? come on man , why nar think before talking? eat the fish down from de head to de tail.

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