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The accused, Luthur Badnock, left, and Romano "Russian" Andrews.
The accused, Luthur Badnock, left, and Romano “Russian” Andrews.

Two men have been charged with stealing items valued at EC$50,266 from a home in Pembroke during a burglary.

Luthur Badnock, of Old Montrose, and Romano “Russian” Andrews, of Clare Valley, are alleged to have stolen the items from the home of Xavier Mathias, between July 5 and Oct. 12.

The items include a women’s wedding ring valued at EC$15,000; one men’s gold chain valued a EC$4,000 and other gold jewellery including watches, chains, ring and bracelets; men’s underwear, shoes, polo shirts and dress shirts; pot sets; knife sets; screw drivers; antiperspirant and deodorant; a 42-inch television and a television wall mount; tins of sardines and corned beef; bottles of cooking oil, extra virgin olive oil, coffee, wine, tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, and vodka; six quarts of engine oil; and, two  JBL speakers.

They were also charged that between July 5 and Oct. 12, at Pembroke, without lawful excuse, they damaged 10 wooden panel doors measuring 32”x 80” with double locks, valued at EC$10,000, two metal doors 36×80 inches with locks, valued at EC$1,200, one window pane glass 9×9.5 inches, valued at EC$20, total value EC$11,220, Matthias’ property, intending to damage said property.

Both men pleaded not guilty to the charges at their arraignment before Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne at the Serious Offences Court, in Kingstown, on Thursday.  

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Prosecutor acting Corporal of Police Shamrock Pierre told the court that the charges are in addition to matters before the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court.

He said that bail was opened to Badnock but he is serving a prison sentence for non-payment of a fine.

The prosecutor asked that Badnock apply for bail after completing his sentence.

He said the magistrate denied Andrews bail, as did the High Court.
Pierre asked that Andrews be remanded in custody.

However, Badnock told the court that even if he pays his fine and is released from prison, he would have no date when he should return to court in connection with the charges.

He told the court that the fine was EC$400 and he was making arrangements to have it paid.

Badnock told the chief magistrate that the hearing in the matters before the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court was set for next year.

“Obvious, it won’t start in January because that is the first appearance,” Badnock said.

The chief magistrate remanded both men in custody and told Badnock that he could apply to the High Court for bail.  

However, Badnock then told the court that his application would be denied “again”.

Browne told the accused man that since he had approached the High Court for bail, he would have to make further application there, noting that she is a magistrate and does not have the powers of a judge.

Pierre then asked that the matters be transferred to KMC for Monday for the setting of a trial date.

Andrews asked why he was not charged with these charges before, saying that he had been in custody for a long time.

He then told the court that he would like to have a speedy trial.

The chief magistrate agreed, saying that since he was denied bail, he should be afforded a speedy trial.

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  1. Only one word Disgusting honest people working hard to better themselves, Have a brother that worked at sea for thirty odd years and saw the pain he went through to better himself. It’s a crying shame to do that to anyone ??? Bruk dem house seriously??? Prison to good for them trust me, once you know without a doubt 110% hear me good Just Hang Them in public that’s the only justice bout jail like jail will do anything ??? What about the cost to that person his belongings his house excuse my phrase any ladies reading this 😳Dem Rape the man house… Thsnkyou lord the mother never went to check .Bless the neighbour who made the call…

  2. Concerned citizen says:

    Please, please, please officers, leave a door open at the station so that they may try to escape, capture them and beat them to within one inch of their lives, making sure to break their arms in several places.

  3. Hey man, enough of this nonsense. Look, let’s bring back flogging. At midday, these scum’s would get six fanbelt across their back and everyone would be free to broadcast it across the globe. Do you think they would be burglarizing people homes again? Hell no. These are some hard back men would no deformities.

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