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The woman charged with the theft of a Salvation Army donation collection kettle in kingstown has failed to attend her court hearing, after being granted bail. 

Last week a video emerged on social media, apparently from surveillance footage in the city, appearing to show a woman stealing the kettle from outside Coreas City Store.

Police then launched an investigation and arrested Susan Solomon, a domestic, of Barrouallie. 

Solomon was charged that on Nov. 23, at Kingstown, she stole one red kettle, valued at US$92, containing EC$150 in cash, the property of  the Salvation Army, Kingstown. 

She was further charged that on the same date and place, she, without lawful excuse, damaged one red kettle, valued at US$92, the property of the Salvation Army, Kingstown, intending to damage such property. 

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Solomon did not appear in court on Monday for her court hearing and the matter was adjourned to Feb. 12, 2024.

Meanwhile, Captain Wilkings Buissereth, head of the Salvation Army in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, told iWitness News on Friday that he was saddened by the development. 

Wilkings Buissereth
Captain Wilkings Buissereth, head of the Salvation Army in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“Well, it is sad because the population in St. Vincent and the Grenadines wants to help the country and a next person again wants to destroy what we are doing,” Buissereth said. 

“It is very sad. But our responsibility, we will not give up and we will continue to move forward,” he said, without identifying the alleged thief.

Buissereth said it was the first time that there had been such an incident in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  

“… it is really sad. I never expected somebody to do that to the Salvation Army.”

He said the Salvation Army is hoping to raise EC$200,000 through its kettle appeal this year. 

 Buissereth urged the public to contribute to the charity, noting that need has no season.

“The reason, as we say, that need knows no season. … we raise the fund is to help so many people in the country pay school fees, help the children, pay some people who can’t afford their houses and to support them. So it’s not just about food,” he told iWitness News. 

He said that last year, the Salvation Army had hoped to raise EC$150,000 but fell EC$5,000 short of its target.

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  1. Lots of unbelievable and even unthinkable things have happened under this government in Vincy.I saw the video and to me this woman looked desperate. She needs help. Our commander in chief , with whatever remaining bit of conscience he may still have, should own up and say ,this act committed by this woman is as a result of my policies which have led to grave problems of poverty and injustice in our land and ,therefore ,I take full responsibility for the unlawful act committed by this improvised woman.

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