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Caregiver training participants and presenters.
Caregiver training participants and presenters.
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The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Alzheimer’s and Dementia Association (SVGADDA) has held two events, benefitting over 100 caregivers and community members.

In the caregiver programme last month, both paid and unpaid/family caregivers underwent training covering essential topics, including the definition of dementia, identification of warning signs, pharmacological management, and legal aspects related to dementia.

Special emphasis was placed on non-pharmacological management strategies, offering caregivers a holistic approach to support individuals affected by dementia.

Participants received certificates for their participation in this training.

The second event, a community awareness day aimed to enlighten the public about dementia, with the goal of reducing the stigma surrounding the condition and promoting proactive measures to reduce risk factors.

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Community Awareness Day Audience
Community Awareness Day audience.

Attendees responded positively to both sessions, expressing gratitude for the wealth of information provided.

Presenters for the events were Dr. Glenna Brewster Glasgow, Dr. Marrie Davis-Blake, Dr. Desree K. Providence, Meisha Cruickshank, and Maxron Holder. 

The SVG Retired Nurses Association conducted screenings for blood pressure and blood sugar during the Community Awareness Day. Additionally, nursing students administered cognitive screenings to attendees, providing valuable insights into their cognitive health.

The SVGADDA said it remains steadfast in its mission to raise awareness about dementia, support caregivers, and foster a dementia-friendly community.

“The positive responses from attendees serve as motivation to expand and enhance future initiatives.”

For more information about the SVG Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Association and to get involved, please contact [email protected] or on Facebook.