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A police constable and a mechanic have been charged over the firearm incident at Villa beach on Wednesday, in which two witnesses said a police officer lent a weapon to a civilian, who used it to threaten a woman.

Police have charged Zacroy John, a 23-year-old police officer, of Yambou and Belmont, and Ishmael Isaacs, a 30-year-old mechanic of Diamond with unlawful possession of a firearm with intent to commit an offence.

They are also charged that being armed with a firearm, they unlawfully threatened to discharge it at the virtual complainant, a resident of Diamond Estate.

The offences were allegedly committed at Villa around 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 6.

Both accused men are expected to appear in court on Monday to answer to the charges.

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5 replies on “Cop, mechanic charged over gun incident at Villa beach”

  1. The police officer should be fired from RSPF and charged accordingly to the laws of St Vincent. Vincentians have noticed a spate of police criminal happening in within the state of St Vincent. .Three months ago iwitness news covered a an incident in which s Junior Constable, Stroyson Soleyn was charged withan alleged rape incident . The problem with the RSPF is the lack of proper screening for police recruits. There are no procedures binolak to prevent bad police recrui from becoming police officers. I say no more.

  2. He’s clearly wrong for the force. All like him need to be rooted out. If they don’t have the right mindset they shouldn’t have the authority.

  3. Urlan Alexander says:

    Probably a phone was made to get him on the police force. If IWN wasn’t informed and made this a news issue he will still be in the force. Slackness!

  4. There was a recent article which stated that St Vincent salaries are among the lowest in the Caribbean. Recently, I spoke to a RSPF police constable, he stated that after 10 years working as a police, he earns $1,500 EC. I am not sure if this net or pay or gross pay. He also reiterated that he was forced to do subsistence farming to supplement his pay as a means of survival.

    There is a common adage that says ” birds of a feather flock together? He mentioned that he personally knows police officers especially those of a particular area where he is stationed where officers practice favoritism or involved with corrupt practices. He avers that even one of our chief crime fighting guru is aware of this problem. The problem is pervasive from his opinion.

    It is said that quite a significant number of new police recruits are souced from a particular constituency without proper screening in place to deter or prevent bad officers from being recruited . The new police chief should initiate a program to filter out the bad apples the RSPF.

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