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Peacemaker 2

By Donald De Riggs

That is how I prefer the world to see our small but outstanding country, the “Geneva of the Caribbean”, the “peacemakers of this planet”.  I pray to Almighty God sincerely, that he would open the eyes of the aggressor like Balaam, to avoid having an ass speak to him, and so avert a certain disaster.   (For those not familiar with that story, read Numbers 22 and ensuing chapters.)

Having primed the Venezuelan population for aggression that has already claimed the lives of five Guyanese military officials without one bullet being fired, it will take immense intestinal fortitude (guts) of Maduro to diffuse and de-escalate the tension building up not only in Venezuela and Guyana, but throughout this hemisphere.  We want this area and by extension the entire world to be a zone and planet of PEACE.

The man of the hour is Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves who, by virtue of his personal ties with the leaders in conflict as well as current role in CELAC along with support from CARICOM at this meeting, is touted as the catalyst for peace.  It will be a difficult decision for Maduro to make, but peace can only be achieved if the aggressor withdraws his threats.  No if’s nor but’s. 

In closing, like many Vincentians who are united on the “nonviolence” path, we welcome the conversation that we anticipate will culminate with brotherly embraces, laughter and relief that the entire region will celebrate as a public holiday for many years to come, called “Venezuela Peace Day” or “Maduro Day”, Dec. 14. The day that prevented history from becoming bloody in this hemisphere.

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It’s better to retreat with humility and live in peace, than to create conflict and die as a villain or hero.

In Matthew 5:9, Jesus Christ proclaimed, “Blessed are the peacemakers, because they will be called the sons of God”  

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