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As we approach the festive season, a time meant for joy, giving, and reflection, it is disheartening to share a tale that contrasts sharply with the spirit of the holidays. This is a narrative of hope, stymied by the unexpected challenges encountered while seeking legal assistance for a noble cause.

In 2021, a dedicated group embarked on a mission to incorporate a charitable organisation aimed at uplifting the children of Union Island and the Southern Grenadines. The vision was to equip these young minds with the tools needed for a successful education, spanning from primary to undergraduate levels, coupled with scholarships. This organisation also aspired to extend its support to cultural groups, environmental initiatives, and various community-driven projects.

However, what followed was a series of setbacks, with the most significant being the lack of communication from the lawyer engaged to facilitate the legal processes. Despite prompt payment for the legal services, our efforts were met with silence, causing a cascade of delays that jeopardized our mission.

Countless calls, emails, and WhatsApp messages went unanswered, leaving us in a state of perplexity. Desperation led us to compose stern letters, to which promises of improved communication were made, only to be shattered by subsequent inaction. Even a personal visit to the lawyer’s office, facilitated by someone on the mainland, yielded no results.

The frustration stemming from unfulfilled promises has left us questioning the integrity of a profession sworn to uphold justice and the law. How can a legal professional, entrusted with executing justice, be so inconsistent in practice? The disparity between the ideals of the legal system and the reality of our experience is stark and disconcerting.

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We find ourselves at a crossroads, torn between pursuing legal action and the genuine desire to serve and support our communities. The timeline we meticulously planned has been repeatedly compromised, and the good we aimed to do is hindered by the inaction and, dare I say, greed that seems to prevail.

As we navigate this perplexing situation, we wish our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May the coming year usher in a renewed commitment to justice, transparency, and ethical conduct, particularly among those in positions of authority. It is our hope that, in the spirit of the season, the values of doing right by others will prevail over self-interest.

In the pursuit of justice and the greater good, we trust that those who hold the power to effect positive change will emerge with a strengthened commitment to principles that uplift communities rather than hinder them.

Wishing you all a season of reflection, compassion, and the realization of the true spirit of Christmas.


Carolyn Hutchinson-James

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