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Rohan "Cooman" Adams. (Photo:
Rohan “Cooman” Adams. (Photo:
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A former national junior lawn tennis star who was ruined by cocaine addiction was found dead in Kingstown on Saturday morning.

Police said that foul play is not suspected in the death of 49-year-old “Cooman”, whose real name is Rohan Adams.

Adams’ body was found bent over the outside of a building in Heritage Square by people leaving the Nine Mornings festivities in the city.

A senior police officer told iWitness News that police will conduct an investigation into Adams’ death.

A source familiar with Adams’ situation said he had been ailing for some time and had been hospitalised recently.

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Over the years, there had been several failed attempts to rehabilitate Adams, who lived on the streets of Kingstown, and made a living washing vehicles and doing other odd jobs.

In 2006, lawyer Grant Connell, a lawn tennis enthusiast who Adams had defeated in the junior championship, made one of his several attempts to rehabilitate the talented athlete.

Similar efforts were made by the staff of Finishing and Furnishing.

Adams used to sleep under a gallery at the store and the staff once donated a bed and mattress to him.

5 replies on “‘Cooman’, former tennis star ruined by cocaine, found dead in Kingstown”

  1. You mean that no one could Have intervened at an appropriate time to save this man’s life. It’s a situation where his brother failed him, his sisters failed him ,the state and just about every one you can think about failed him. Why he was not referred to one of the institutions that treat these addiction to get help? Now they are rushing to get him a burial. Too little too late. Rip brother.

  2. Why didn’t you intervene? You do realise you are someone too right? Stop pointing fingers. You clearly no nothing about addiction.

  3. Addiction is one of the biggest things that any person who don’t know wont know how to help. Most of us have our own problems. And we do not believe in stiff containment to help with addiction. What we need to do is find out how cocaine is coming into this country she cut it out at the source.

  4. So Lisa you want to tell me that the community was not aware of Couman’s problem. You are saying why didn’t I help. You are presupposing that I know the man. What an imbecile and a bona-fide moron at the highest level and a nincompoop.

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