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Opposition Senator Shevern John has called for the installation of an ATM north of Rabacca Dry River and has proposed Sandy Bay or Orange Hill at the location.

She said during the Budget Debate that this will reduce the cost to pensioners, Public Assistance recipients and road workers in collecting their pay-out.

John said she welcomes the new payment system in which payments are made to bank accounts, noting that the government has said that it has reduced the cost of making the payments.

“Okay, but put yourself in the position of a pensioner from Fancy who has to travel to Georgetown to collect $275 or $280,” she said.

John said that person might have to pay someone else to collect the money or pay EC$15 in transportation to do so themselves.

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The senator noted the infrequency of public transport to and from Fancy and said that the pensioner might have to wait in Georgetown for transportation.

“They will not get a transport to go back so they have to wait. The time spent, the mental stress on that pensioner,” John said.

“I am hoping that the government is taking into consideration those challenges that persons will face especially those persons over the river and I am hoping that they consider putting an ATM machine somewhere above the river to assist these pensioners in cutting down on the costs of getting whatever belongs to them,” John told Parliament.

So, I do hope that the private sector — the bank — and the government can work together to ensure that at least in Sandy Bay or Orange Hill an ATM … is placed there to assist our pensioners and also our road walkers who are also on this modernised payment system,” the opposition senator said.

3 replies on “Senator wants ATM north of Dry River”

  1. nancysauldemers says:

    Great idea! And we should also be considering the placement of an ATM on Mayreau, where the financial and time costs of getting to the closest ATM (on Union Island) and back are far, far greater than those faced by Fancy residents needing to get to Georgetown.

  2. There is another answer to this question. Folks can use a bank card to purchase products and pay bills. All it takes is a small machine to have these transactions completed. Folks wont have to travel from Sandy Bay to Chato to purchase tritri.

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