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By Eddy Smith

As the new year unfolds, I am drawn to ponder upon the age-old tale of Anansi, the spider, a figure steeped in the rich folklore of West Africa. Anansi, celebrated for his wisdom and cunning, embarked on a formidable quest to gather all the wisdom of the world. With great care, he collected this precious wisdom into a calabash bowl, safeguarding the knowledge he deemed most valuable. Yet, the real test of his wisdom came when he tried to hide his treasure atop a high tree. Despite his intelligence and vast experience, Anansi faced a significant challenge, struggling to climb the tree while bearing the weight of his heavy load.

In this moment of struggle, an unexpected advisor emerged: his son, a figure of lesser experience and status. Observing his father’s ordeal, the son offered a simple yet profound suggestion — why not tie the calabash to Anansi’s back? This straightforward advice, coming from a young, seemingly inexperienced voice, was the key to Anansi’s success. He realised, in that humbling moment, that wisdom does not discriminate by age or experience. It was a striking lesson that even the wisest can learn from those they least expect.

This story serves as a powerful metaphor for us as we navigate the complexities of our modern world. It’s a reminder that wisdom, often perceived as the domain of the elite or the educated, is, in fact, a universal whisper that can come from any direction, at any time. As we grow older, it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that wisdom is a linear acquisition tied to age, status, or academic achievement. But Anansi’s tale teaches us otherwise.

In our professional hierarchies, social structures, or even within the confines of our personal ideologies, we must remain open-minded and humble, acknowledging that wisdom can flow from the most unexpected sources. Whether it be the fresh perspective of a new employee, the unfiltered honesty of a child, or the life experience of someone from a completely different walk of life, there is knowledge to be gained. This year, let us challenge ourselves to be receptive to these diverse voices of wisdom, understanding that our learning journey is never complete.

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Let’s carry with us the lesson from Anansi’s story: the pursuit of wisdom is an endless, expansive journey. It’s a journey that requires not just the acquisition of knowledge but the humility to listen and learn from every corner of our world. The moment we start believing that wisdom is the exclusive right of a select few, we close ourselves off to the rich kaleidoscope of insights that life offers us.

Eddy Smith
Eddy Smith.

We must embrace this year as our opportunity to learn from everyone and everything around us. Let’s cherish the wisdom in everyday interactions, in stories told by strangers, and in the quiet observations of those who speak less. By doing this, we will not only enrich our own lives but also contribute to a world where knowledge and wisdom are shared freely, transcending barriers of age, status, and experience. This is our call to a year of learning, growing, and being open to the wisdom that surrounds us in its myriad forms.

It’s extremely crucial to recognise that everyone has a vital role to play in creating a society that thrives on progression and positive change. The fabric of a forward-moving society is woven from the diverse contributions of its members, each thread as significant as the next. It’s time to let go of any destructive mindsets that hinder our collective advancement — mindsets that undervalue others based on preconceived notions or biases. The belief that someone has nothing to offer is a mental fetter that not only limits our potential but also hampers the growth of our society as a whole. In this new year, let’s commit to seeing and nurturing the value in every individual, recognizing that each person’s unique perspective and skills are essential ingredients in the recipe for societal progress.

Our commitment to our nation is profound, a sacred duty, one that each of us is honour-bound to fulfil. This obligation goes beyond mere monetary value; it is a debt of action and contribution towards the upliftment of our society. Our efforts, our empathy, our willingness to engage and improve the world around us—these are the true currencies that repay this significant moral loan. It is a responsibility that rests on the shoulders of every citizen, transcending race, creed, or social standing. As we move forward, it’s imperative that we leverage every opportunity presented to us for the greater good of our country. This means actively participating in community initiatives, fostering environments that encourage positive dialogue and innovation, and supporting policies that aim for inclusive growth. By doing so, we ensure that the society we are building today will be one that our children and grandchildren can thrive in — a society that not only meets their needs but also empowers them to contribute their best.

The actions we take today lay the groundwork for the future. As we progress through this year, let’s focus on creating a legacy that our future generations can be proud of — a legacy of unity, progress, and inclusivity. This involves being open to the ideas and contributions of the younger generation, understanding that their fresh perspectives are crucial for addressing the challenges of today and tomorrow. Let’s strive to build a society where the wisdom of the experienced and the innovation of the youthful coalesce to create a vibrant, sustainable future. Our goal should be to make our senior years not just liveable but enriched by the fruits of a society that we all helped to cultivate — a society that values and harnesses the potential of every individual for the collective good.

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