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Joelannie James left, and Romando Romano “Russian” Andrews.
Joelannie James left, and Romando Romano “Russian” Andrews.
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Joelannie James, 30, of South Rivers was all smiles as he left the Colonarie Magistrate’s Court sitting at Georgetown on Thursday after a  damage to property charge matter against him was dismissed.

But his legal troubles are not over as he is yet to see the conclusion of a matter in which he is charged along with murder accused, Romando Romano “Russian” Andrews, of Peruvian Vale/Clare Valley. 

The charge dates back to March 2023 and has seen several adjournments.

James was charged that on March 23, 2023, at South Rivers, without lawful excuse he destroyed one white sow pig, valued at EC$900, the property of Urica Williams, of South Rivers, and at the time of doing so was reckless as to whether such property would be destroyed.

However, on Thursday, neither the virtual complainant nor two witnesses were present for the hearing of the matter, which has already seen several adjournments. 

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Magistrate Bertie Pompey dismissed the matter.

James had appeared before Pompey about five minutes earlier, jointly charged alongside Andrews, with  theft.

The two men will have their April 2023 matter heard on Jan. 25.

In April, Pompey had remanded the defendants to prison for a week pending bail review at the suggestion of prosecutor, Corporal Delando Charles.

Charles had argued that if bail was given, the defendants would have interfered with the witnesses and obstruct the course of justice.

Charles had told the court that the police were investigating a series of burglaries that the duo were allegedly involved in and they were “persons of interest” to the police.

On Thursday, Andrews was represented by Maxron Walker while James was unrepresented.

Prosecutor, Inspector of Police Renrick Cato told the court that the virtual complainant, Ivan Durrant, was “not located to be served and the  [telephone] number he gave to the police was not in service.”

As a result, Cato asked for a final adjournment.

However, James told the magistrate that on the last occasion the prosecution had said that the matter would have been heard on Thursday, whether or not the defendants’ lawyers were present.

Cato then told the court that according to his notes, the matter was adjourned at the previous sitting on Nov. 23, 2023 to Jan. 11, 2024 because Andrews’ lawyer was absent.

Holder had no objection to an adjournment.

The magistrate adjourned the matter to Jan. 25, and marked it as the final adjournment.

Also, on the same day, the prosecutor withdrew  against Andrews a charge that on July 21, 2023 he entered upon the property of Wendel Browne, of Mt Grennan, as a trespasser, to wit, his yard with intent to commit an offence, to wit, theft. 

Last week, Andrews was also charged with murder in connection with the Sept. 7, 2023  shooting death of Jervany Baptiste, 29, of Rose Place, in Buccament Bay.

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  1. Romano ” Russian ” Andrews is no stranger to the news. Recently he was charged in the death of Jovanne Baptiste of Rose Place in the killing that took place in Buccement. He seems to live a life of crime, and having been accused of theft in his locality. A life of crimes seems to follow him and one wonders what kind of guidance he as a youth. He seems to be associated with the miscreants of society. If he continues this trend and don’t change his lifestyle, his chickens will soon come home to roost .

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