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A man is in stable condition in hospital after he was shot in the face while hanging out with a woman on the tarmac of the decommissioned airport at Arnos Vale.  

iWitness News understands that Ajine Patrick, of Fair Hall and Roseau, was socialising with the female and decided to go to the seaward end of the decommissioned runway sometime after 4 a.m.

Around 4:50 a.m. a masked assailant attacked the duo and Patrick was shot in the jaw but was able to drive away. 

The female is said to have been unscathed during the incident. 

Police were informed and responded and have launched an investigation, sources said.  

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4 replies on “Man shot during pre-dawn hangout with woman on tarmac”

  1. Wild Wild West, The gun amnesty was a failure. How many guns are still out there? We know at least there are at least three guns out there that was used in the Camden Park incident and now one used in the shooting incident at the decommissioned airport. We can now develop a mathetical equation to project the number of illegal guns out there. I will be back with such a projection. I am calling on all the mathematician to aid me in this endeavor.

  2. Jackie Baisden says:

    Where are all these guns coming from???
    What are the Gun Laws in SVG??
    Don’t blame this on the gov’t please!

  3. Kenroy Nanton says:

    Kenton boy you sent me to google this word ” UNSCATHED “. I am not ashame to say that I learned a new word. =( without suffering any injury, damage, or harm:)
    “I came through all those perils unscathed”

  4. The question is did the sister know the victim? Why would you take your lady at the end of the decommissioned Airport allegedly at that time of the morning?What motivation was there to shoot at the victim? Was something in the mortar besides the pestle?

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