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Nelsia Horne leaves the Colonarie Magistrate's Court on Jan 18, 2023.
Nelsia Horne leaves the Colonarie Magistrate’s Court on Jan 18, 2023.
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A woman says she “bawled for murder” to alert people as her neighbour was throwing her concrete blocks in a nearby river.

The woman, Nelsia Horne, 61, of South Rivers, was freed of the two charges brought against her in connection to that incident when she appeared before the Colonarie Magistrate’s Court, sitting at Georgetown.

Horne was charged that on July 29, 2023, at South Rivers, without lawful excuse, she damaged a quantity of kitchen utensils, valued at EC$225, the property of Herlen Adams, of South Rivers, by throwing them in the river.

Horne was also charged that on July 29, 2023, at South Rivers, she threw missiles, to wit, a stone to the danger of Adams.

In her evidence, Adams said she and the defendant live in the same yard.

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She told the court that she woke up about 4 a.m. the said morning and was going to the river to “wash her wares” before travelling to Kingstown to vend, when she heard Horne bawling out, “Herlen put down me blocks.”

Referring to a previous matter between the two in which she was the defendant, Adams said she told Horne:

“Gel stop call me name wid blocks, you done tell ah lie pon me and me had to pay EC$500.”

The $500 was a reference to monies Adams had to pay in connection with another court matter involving Horne.

Adams said people gathered at the scene and Horne peeped over a fence and said Adams had thrown her blocks in the river.

She said she had her utensils in her hands and placed them on the ground, to return to her house as she had forgotten the washing up sponge there.

Adams said when she returned to get her utensils they were not there.

She said Horne pelted a stone at her but she (Adams) dodged it.

Herlen Adams leaves the Colonarie Magistrates Court sitting at Georgetown on Jan.18 2024 after a throwing missile and damage to property charges to defendant Nelsia Horne was dismissed
Herlen Adams leaves the Colonarie Magistrate’s Court sitting at Georgetown on Jan.18, 2024.

Asked by prosecutor, Corporal of Police Delando Charles if she saw Horne move the wares, Adams responded:

“Well, me and she ha’ thing and when I went back, the wares wasn’t there.”

Adams said the area was lit by a streetlight and the stone Horne pelted at her went in the river.

In her defence, Horne said she watched as the defendant threw her blocks in the river three times.

She said she called out when Adams did so a fourth time.

Horne admitted to pelting the stone at Adams, telling the court she did it so that Adams would drop the blocks.

During cross examination, Horne asked Sergeant 523 Pitt why she was charged but no charge had been brought against Adams for destroying her property.

Pitt told the defendant that the matter with Adams is “under investigation”.

Horne also asked the second witness, PC642 Abraham, the investigating officer, about the stone that Horne allegedly threw at Adams, which was presented to the court as evidence.

“Where did she get the stone from?” Horne asked Abraham, adding, “Because she said the stone went in the river.”

The prosecutor objected to the question saying the witness would not know the answer to that.

 In handing down his ruling, Magistrate Bertie Pompey said he was “not convinced” and that he “was in doubt.”

As a result, he dismissed both charges against Horne. 

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