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A satellite image of Saharan dust over the Caribbean.
A satellite image of Saharan dust over the Caribbean.
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The Ministry of Health has issued a health bulletin as a thick plume of Saharan dust is expected to move across St. Vincent and the Grenadines today.

The ministry noted that the Meteorological Services has forecast decreasing visibility across the country with very poor visibility by today (Wednesday).

The ministry advised the public that particles contained within the Saharan dust haze could cause dry cough, sore throat, sneezing, runny nose and itchy, watery eyes.

“The anticipated concentrations of the Saharan dust may severely affect persons with respiratory diseases such as asthma and persons with pre-existing heart disease,” the bulletin said.

“The elderly and children are also vulnerable currently. Persons with respiratory issues and allergies are asked to always keep with them all medications, including asthma inhalers, in case of emergency.

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“Persons should limit their exposure to the Saharan dust by staying indoors when possible or wearing a dust mask if they must go outdoors.

“Affected persons should seek medical attention at their nearest health care centre if they experience severe symptoms because of increasing levels of Saharan dust.”

Forecasters said at 6 a.m. Wednesday that the weather would be partly cloudy and very hazy, with isolated showers

2 replies on “Health warning issued as Saharan dust thickens over SVG”

  1. nancysauldemers says:

    And one can only wonder why similar warnings are not issued about the devastating effects on human health and our environment of burning tires, plastics and other toxic substances…

  2. In my opinion, the burnings of clothes, rubbish and other things especially tires, I think it worst, very more toxic to health, . I wish the health ministry will look into these practices it’s very dangerous to health

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