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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves in a January 2024 photo.
Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves in a January 2024 photo.
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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves has reminded the Kingstown Town Board that “shoulder can’t go above head”.

The reminder, on Wednesday, came amidst a report by Searchlight newspaper that Warden of the Kingstown Town Board, Clayton Burgin wrote to vendors on Jan. 16, giving them until the following day to address outstanding arrears or quit their occupancy of markets in the city.

Gonsalves, speaking on NBC Radio on Wednesday, said that he was waiting on information on outstanding arrears at Milton Cato Memorial Hospital to determine how they are to be addressed.

“I am waiting also on the numbers from Town Board. I see it reported that somebody from Town Board said that they’re going throw people out if they don’t pay, at the very time that I have said at Independence that we are going to give relief,” the prime minister said.

“Well, wait until the relief is sorted out nuh. Shoulder can’t go above head. I don’t know who said that. I just say that some official there. So, I don’t know. So, I am not — and we have good people at the town board and Clayton is doing a splendid job,” he said.

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The prime minister said he did not know the source of the information but Searchlight published a letter purportedly signed by Burgin, a former parliamentary representative for East St. George and former Cabinet minister under Gonsalves’ government.

“But if it requires me at certain times to be a better opposition in government than the opposition is itself, I will be so,” the prime minister said.

“Because rather than the opposition talking a lot of foolishness and ain’t doing their job properly, if you ain’t doing your job properly, how you want mine and your job is a lesser job. You could get promotion because you can’t do your job properly?” Gonsalves further stated.

“And I want to put on notice the public servant. You have security of tenure, I don’t have. I will take responsibility but I am not going to take blame and I am not going to traduce any individual civil servant like how [former chief minister, the late] Ebenezer Joshua used to do it. No. but I will talk about things which are required to be talked about to be corrected,” he said.

9 replies on “Shoulder can’t go above head, PM tells Town Board”

  1. LOL da ah charisma? The sound writer says , days and moments quickly fly, bind the living with the dead, you and I will soon be lying each within our narrow bed. Amen.

  2. Urlan Alexander says:

    It amazes me how Ralph feels that all of SVG is stupid. How can clayton burying the warden make such a decision without being instructted to? Stewps!

  3. Did PM just micro managed Town Board? A consequent of this style of management is that workers will stop taking initiative even in areas of competency and skill.

  4. Talk about throwing people under the bus. Burning boy, the bus just ran over you. If the devil was human, guess who it would be.

  5. My people , don’t listen to these talks, don’t believe them. They know very well how to work on our minds. Please don’t believe those wicked, evil cruel , liars dictators.. They know exactly what they are doing.

  6. Talking about confusion. Let the Town Board do its job. Why are you getting involved? You just can’t have your hand in everything, there are civil servants out there who have a duty to do.

  7. “Shoulder can’t go above head”
    It’s an idiom that means holding a grudge and ready to get into a row over some pet peeve. In the words of another idiom, with an axe to grind.


    **Why did the shoulder squeeze the head?**

    **Because it was getting ahead of itself!**

    The shoulder and the head .

    The shoulder is working hard and taking on a lot of responsibility, while the head is taking all the credit. The shoulder is starting to feel resentful and undervalued, so it decides to squeeze the head.

    This is a humorous way of illustrating the power struggle that can sometimes exist between employees and bosses.
    Shoulder may feel that they are not getting the recognition or respect they deserve, while head may feel that their shoulders are not working hard enough or are “trying to undermine them” cause the Head to get timid.

    The joke is also funny because it is unexpected. We don’t normally think of shoulders as being able to squeeze heads. But in the context of the joke, it makes perfect sense. The shoulder is fed up with being taken for granted, so it decides to take matters into its own hands.

    It is also a reminder that it is important to appreciate the hard work of our employees and to treat them with respect.


  8. Ah who bato bin say ah the most dangerous man in svg ? an if he see um coming down de road he go tun back? ah who?

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