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By Sheldon Bramble

The reaction of villagers in Rose Hall and throughout our nation following the killing of a baby allegedly by a close relative has shown us much of what exists in current Vincentian society. People are not just trying to wrap their minds around how such an act could have been carried out on a 1-year-old baby girl but also on the expressions and attitudes by the masses towards the alleged killer.

The alleged perpetrator of this outrageous act, however, might be just one of a breed of Vincentians who is living among us. Such actions begin in the mind. Such minds are under the influence of the will and forces that convince them that such acts are appropriate and merited. Many of them have what they would express as high spirituality and insight, connections with supernatural power, links to their ancestral spirits, and not religion or religiosity per se, but rather seeking knowledge, spirituality, protection, good fortune, revenge and even truth. This usually sounds very catchy, intelligent and fascinating to many in these times. The recent generations are largely isolated on social media and their private thoughts might literally shock the very households they live in. They are wired to a programming that is sophisticatedly lit up in beguiling music and lights and this seduction does not allow for an admittance of this fact. The connections to every end of the planet and the cosmos are real. 

Again, this is not profiling the alleged killer but rather an examination of a subculture, if you will, of our current youth and adults. Ralph is not responsible. Let’s just get that out of the way. But, its more convenient to have idle talk around such inconvenient truths. It’s easier to throw out a popular remark than face the reality we would rather be in denial about. It’s time for think for one’s self. 

What is happening to a nation who calls good evil and evil good but does not realise they are doing such? A nation whose people have become bewitched by the entertainment they have grown accustomed to feeding themselves on constantly. A nation whose young females use profanity like drunken sailors. A nation whose young men feel a void in their lives for affirmation. A nation whose carnality is vexing to Jehovah as what we have been doing in this society for decades is turning our eyes lustfully towards the sinful so-called privileges of the bigger heathen nations and in particular the norms of media, music and videos from them. 

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Vincentians are hospitable people often too naïve about foreign influences and gullible to exposure they may acquire abroad that may challenge their valuable foundational moral upbringing. When we welcome into our societies different people, we are to examine not just their immigration papers and occupations, but also their philosophies and beliefs which they are here subtly spreading intentionally or not.

Vincentians’ current and trendy passion to identify with our ancestors, history and heritage might be noble, but we don’t want to see that their gods and dealings with perverted spirituality might have landed them into much downfall and maybe right where they ended up in the new world. These days an anti-European mind set and sentiment have largely perverted black people’s ability to distinguish between God given moral standards and their cultural identity (which whether good or bad largely constitutes the traditions of humans). Racism is wrong and should not be tolerated no matter who it is directed to or from. This, however, is a skewed crafting by the devil to have the opportunity to create perverted minds, bent morality and even religious empowered carnality right here in SVG. The UK and United reek of racism intertwined into Christianity. This has sadly been sold to this nation through worship and music norms passing as truth and pretending to be reflecting Jehovah’s clear commands. Such is the nature of people in these last days. The devil is worshipped and glorified even in professed Christian churches and funerals. It is inconvenient and difficult to see the difference, but crucial. Wise Vincentians need much discernment in these times. 

This questioning and grossly exposed young generation see the hypocrisy of such institutions and find no authenticity among such congregations and their leaders. The very institutions which are expected to hold up God’s character and moral standards to our nation are filled with corruption and the abuses of religious authority and lacking clear and pure influences. The youths of today who are finding a way out of this dark state of affairs have to be mentally strong and struggle to find their way past all the popular deceptive and destructive voices calling out at them. 

The call for jungle justice is seen as noble and merited.  Anger is not a sin. The giving of that vengeance to the almighty, however, is a moral decision. Vengeance belongs to the Lord. Actually, a “baby killer” and “the killer of a baby killer” are both killers. And most of these individuals surely did not witness the act, but they are blindly thirsty for acts of violence. Uncontrolled anger is everywhere. Indeed, violence has filled our land, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

We wish for suffering and pain on another. However, while we are doing this, there is an evil work being accomplished by the devil in our hearts as well. The same place murder begins — the heart. Again, the perversion of true morals and the acceptance of dark but seemingly more open minded and politically correct alternatives are the preferred choices of many and this is what has landed Vincy in the sad times we are living in. Proverbs 4:23 – Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.

Law enforcement, your rush to the scene of this crime shows your commitment to higher morals and justice. However, you cannot write moral laws on our Vincy people’s hearts. But the original giver of such laws — Jehovah — can.  Maybe it is time that the Vincentian government, churches, parents, and citizens admit we are failing because of turning our backs on Him. God’s moral laws have not changed. We have. 

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