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Shooting 2
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An iWitness News subscriber sent us this video of the immediate aftermath of a police shooting.

The subscriber heard the gunshot when police shot a man in Cedars Saturday morning, March 2, 2024.

Read the initial story here.

6 replies on “Video emerges of aftermath of police shooting”

  1. This is good evidence to file charges against the police officer who shot that man in his back plus he wasn’t even resisting the arrest,I hope he file charges.

  2. These police looks like they don’t know what professionalism is about they act they are some bully running gangs look at their attire

  3. Take warning says:

    You will reap what ever you sow, no matter how long it takes , remember retribution does not delay and karma knows addresses.

  4. Did the police act recklessly? Why shoot a civilian in the back,? We have been hearing and wictnessing in an escalation in police crimes or alleged police crimes. Junior Constable, Stroyson Soleyn has been indicted in an alleged rape case. There was the alleged drama whereby the police loaned his service firearm to a civilian in an intimidation case as reported by Iwitness news. This is a sad reality gor the administration of Justice in St Vincent.

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