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The defendant, Adorwin Pope leaves the Georgetown Magistrate's Court on Feb. 26, 2024.
The defendant, Adorwin Pope leaves the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court on Feb. 26, 2024.
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A 30-year-old labourer of Mt Grennan has been fined for wounding a 63-year-old man who he said he believes is the father of his girlfriend’s 1-month-old baby.

On Monday, Adorwin Pope appeared before Magistrate Bertie Pompey at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court and pleaded guilty to a charge that on Nov. 28, 2023 at Georgetown, he unlawfully and maliciously wounded Norman Pemberton, of North Union.

Pope had initially pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Prosecutor, Corporal of Police Delando Charles told the court that Pemberton knows the defendant very well but they are not friends.

He said Pope believes that Pemberton and his girlfriend are sexually involved and that Pemberton is the father of his girlfriend’s 1-month-old baby girl.

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The prosecutor said the virtual complainant has been supporting the baby by giving her milk, pampers, baby wipes, baby clothes and money.

On Nov. 28, about 9:15 a.m., Pemberton went to Georgetown to the house where the defendant lives to take items for the baby but the girlfriend was not at home.

The girlfriend’s mother, who is the owner of the house and who was at home at the time, told Pemberton to put the items inside of the house.

As Pemberton was doing so, the defendant boxed him on his forehead and Pemberton left the house.

As Pemberton was leaving, the defendant started to choke him but the defendant’s mother-in-law hit the defendant in the back with a cutlass.

Pemberton was able to free his left hand, remove his licensed firearm from his waist and hit the defendant on the left side of his chest.

Pope ran away and Pemberton discharged his firearm in his direction.

Pemberton later reported the matter to the police who issued him with medical injury forms.

In mitigation, Pope told the court that Pemberton fired a shot at him and that Pemberton and his girlfriend went to christen the baby.

The magistrate fined the defendant, who had no previous conviction before the court, EC$400.

He was ordered to pay EC$200 forthwith and the balance to be paid in two weeks or two months imprisonment.

8 replies on “Man, 30, attacks man, 63, he suspects is father of girlfriend’s baby”

  1. How is possible that it is very easy for some people in St Vincent to obtain a license fire arm and other have no such privileges ? I guessed knowing the right people works. This is really a society which certain information is not available to the vast majority in society. Only the likes of ” Us know” may have an answer.

  2. Jose what makes you think he obtained the firearm licence easily. You know this man personally? Besides, this seems like the whole point of having a firearm. If someone attacks you, you are able to defend yourself.

  3. The 30 year is nothing but a moron. All he has to do is to get a DNA and case is closed. It seems as though there is some emotional attachment. The youngster has to learn that there are many fishes in the sea. The has to pick the right one. Not every fruit is good for consumption, some may even kill you if consumed.

  4. Pemberton has been as Businessman for over 30 years so if anyone should have a licensed firearm I think he qualifies.

  5. ” Pemberton has been as Businessman for over 30 years so if anyone should have a licensed firearm I think he qualifies”. So how come Lance Oliver who has much more to protect cant have a licensed firearm? The ULP is using the granting of firearms licence as a process to reward psychophants like Norman

  6. Larry boy ! Do your research on Lance Olliver before you start defending him and start pulling down the Comrad. […]

  7. Sensible I think you should change your alias to insensible. Why did Pemberton had to resort to firing his firearm? Nothing indicated that is life was threatened. If his life was on the line, then I could have understood the need to have to draw his sidekick. However, Pemberton seems to be an zealous person ans a gunslinger in his own right who uses his economic privileges to to exploit needy women.

    1. So I suppose choking does not constitute a threat to one’s life???? Because it clearly states that Mr Pemberton was being choked.

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