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Owia Strikers beat La Vue Fancy Hard Knocks in an exciting encounter at the Owia Hard Court on Sunday.

La Vue Fancy Hard Knocks batted first and scored 20 for 4 from their 10 overs. Owia’s opening batsmen scored 21 from seven balls, bringing the match to an early end.

In the second match, Drivers and Conductors made 89 for 3 from their 10 overs, defeating Point Underdogs who managed 57 for 3 from their 10 overs. 

R. Hall captured the tournament’s first hat trick, taking 3 wickets for 7 runs from 1 over.

And in the final match, Byera Linkers trampled Young Stallions who batted first and scored 48 for 3 from their 10 overs. Byera Linkers scored 52 and lost two wickets in 7.4 overs,

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In matches played at the Owia playing on March 9, Warriors 11 were no match for Family and Friends.

Warriors 11 batted first and scored 43 for 8 from 10 overs whileFamily and Friends outplayed their opponents scoring 44 for 8 from 9.1 overs

In the second match of the day Distillers batted first and scored 32 for 7 from their 10 overs. Young Blazers were able to beat their score in just 3.3 overs with 35 runs for 3 wickets.

To close the day’s games, Family and Friends played against North Stars 11.

North Stars 11 illuminated the playing field but lost their glare at 74 for wickets from 10 overs. In response, Family and Friends defeated them 76 for 4 from 7.4 overs.

On March 10, Diamonds, Pappy Walter 11 and Owia Strikers secured victories.

Point Underdogs scored 54 for 6 from 10 overs but Diamonds stayed their course and responded with 55 for 8 from 6.3 overs.

Garifuna Strikers did not display enough resilience against Pappy Walter 11 in a female encounter.

Pappy Walter 11 batted first and scored 109 runs for 3 wickets from their 10 overs. Garifuna Strikers managed 3 from 9.3 overs.

In another exciting match, Owia Strikers batted first and scored 84 for 9 from their 10 overs.

Diamonds made 51 from 9 overs.

Matches continue this weekend.