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ULP supporters at a Arnos Vale after the November 2020 general election. (Photo:Anthony Fonz Dennie/Facebook)
ULP supporters at a Arnos Vale after the November 2020 general election. (Photo:Anthony Fonz Dennie/Facebook)
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By Sheldon Bramble

There has never been another time in our history when we had more vehicles on our roads than now. This is a sign of a bit of progress in our society. 

Our government is largely about progress and development. However, there are two reasons why the current administration might not be placed back there by the Vincentian people in the next elections.

One is their failure to fix the roads in this country after being in office for so many terms and the other is their inability to improve the public transport system.

Everyone is watching this for too long. 

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There has been so much talk about this and it’s almost a national joke how they will fix roads halfway when election times are upon the nation. The number of times area representatives make promises to residents in local areas and set dates but fail to deliver is long past angering to many citizens.

 Imagine every single time one leaves their home and comes back it is stone, gravel and potholes. This is the reality for many Vincentians. An administration in office for so long failing to remedy this is concerning. 

Vehicle damage and wear and tear coupled with heavier vehicle import demands have not been a good combination facing private car owners in particular.

This time around, people are already used to the feting and big music and entertainment shows that characterise election campaigns. That game has to be lifted. A big cross-section of this nation is bored and will no longer have that part of their intelligence insulted. Voting on emotional highs is getting tiring for many. Vincentians today are more aware of what a high standard of public life should look like. 

The attempts to stop lewd and loud music in minivans are still not being properly enforced and the continued accidents show how the overpacking and speeding continue despite some improvements.

Vincentians are now at a place where they need these to be replaced by better. People want their own, individual seats in an airconditioned bus with their personal space intact.

We still see no plan in sight for this. And with the increase in crime and gun violence, in particular, security on public transportation is yet to become a priority. 

It is going to be some interesting days ahead on Vincy roads. 

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7 replies on “2 reasons why ULP might not win again”

  1. Urlan Alexander says:

    *Crime and violence
    *Mismanagement of the economy
    *Corruption in government
    *Bad roads including feeder.roads to agricultural lands
    *Low growth rate
    *Covid vaccine mandate
    *Praedial larceny
    *Square pegs in round holes
    *Poor health services/facilities
    * Detiorating buildings such as community centers, schools fish markets etc.
    * Deplorable conditions of hard courts throughout SVG…..
    Are among reasons why the ULP will lose the next election.

  2. You all want to put the ulp there, that man is dotish. He will let the country go down more than its doing now. You people in that little island is real nunskuls and.dont have no sense.

  3. C. ben-David says:

    Yes, there is a problem with loud music and overcrowding on the vans but overall the service is fast, efficient, and very economical.

    Thank goodness the government isn’t running the transportation service!

    As for the condition of the roads, every government we have ever had has been blamed in the same way for their poor maintenance.

  4. Vincy in New York says:

    Oh, for goodness’ sake!

    Why can’t the NDP sing from the same hymn book or dance to the same beat.

    Are those the 2 reasons the ULP is going to lose the next election? Really? Bad roads exist for the past 40 years; public transportation improves with father time.

    I do hope that this article is a ploy to soften the ULP’s stance.

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