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High Court judge, Justice Rechanne Browne. (Photo: Facebook/Luke Beowne)
High Court judge, Justice Rechanne Browne. (Photo: Facebook/Luke Beowne)
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Former Chief Magistrate in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Rechanne Browne has been appointed a High Court judge, after a three-month acting stint.

The Judicial and Legal Services Commission announced on April 2, that Browne has been appointed a High Court Judge of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC) with effect from April 1.

Justice Browne is assigned to St. Lucia.

Browne’s appointment came after acting as a High Court judge in St. Lucia from Jan. 8 to March 31, 2024.

She brings to five the number of Vincentian judges of the ECSC. The others are: Justices Brian Cottle, Sonia Young, Colin Williams and Rickie Burnett

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Browne has over two decades of experience as a legal practitioner, having been called to the bar in 2000.

Before being appointed to the magistracy, she worked for 12 years in private practice before a stint as acting president of the Family Court in July 2012.

She was then appointed full-time to the magistracy in January 2012, before becoming chief magistrate in September 2014.

As chief magistrate, Browne presided over the Serious Offences Court.

Among her duties were to conduct preliminary inquiries, a process through which the court determines if there is enough evidence to commit people charged with indictable offences to trial by the High Court.

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  1. Korean Aggie says:

    Awesome. Big congratulations to Miss Browne. Absolutely a well deserved appointment. Blessings on her always and may God continue to use her as she depends and serve on him.

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