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By Kimani Wiseman

If we were to fill a barrel with crabs and one of those crabs tries and escape by climbing up the side of the barrel, the other crabs would climb up on it and pull it and themselves back into the barrel.

Some humans have a “crab in a barrel mentality” and this evidence can be found at our workplace, in our homes, and among our friends.

At some workplaces, coworkers, bosses, and supervisors would envy you because of your education and your skills and would try their best to “break you”. Some coworkers and supervisors would go to the extreme to spread “commess” and lies for promotion because they see you as a threat because of your education and skills.

Not everything that glitters is gold. This metaphor can be applied to some friends. Some friends would eat and drink with you and behind closed doors they would bad-talk you and if given the opportunity when your back is turned, they would stab you in your back.

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You call these friends “Judas”. These friends would also envy us for what we have achieved in life, for example, promotion at work, buying a house or car, and if you dress better than them.

In some homes, families are fighting against each other for lands, houses, money, and other material things, which is separating a lot of families and causing war among each other. As a society, we need to stop envying people, work hard and honestly for what we want in life, and spread more love, because “crab in a barrel mentality is detrimental to our society”.

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