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Work Ethics

By Sheldon Bramble

A job position is conventionally viewed as better if it brings a higher salary as compared to another. However, this is slowly beginning to prove a problem for some Vincentians who are being left behind and being replaced by other employees. Some of these employees taking their jobs are foreigners. Higher pay without proper dedication and delivery of service is not adding up well for some local workers. Their inability to value opportunities and comply with agreements is backfiring on them. 

There is a recent culture of greed in this country like many other places which is accompanying development, especially over the last two decades or so and it is currently in its ripened stages. Quick money and entitlement are driving a cross-section of Vincentians to become abusive of privileges where they work. Ingratitude for their jobs and laziness is an epidemic. But this mentality is beginning to backfire on many who cannot last on a job very long. The love of money is the root of all evil. The love of money above honesty, being principled, above being grateful and pleasing customers. 

One only has to have a casual conversation with some persons employed at a small hotel for example to hear the whining about their boss and the hotel owner. There is no sense of gratitude for their job or faithfulness and allegiance to the employing company. Being told how to do their job properly is not received with the right attitude. 

Recently, an older Vincentian lamented that he only employs foreigners now because the locals only like to make quick money and drink it out on weekends. They are not available to do any overtime and have to be policed into delivering properly on their jobs. This is a sad situation. Many are losing and do not even realise their own plight. 

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When it comes to the construction workers, there are hardly any good stories to tell. Heartlessness and abuse of clients are the order of the day. Lies and more lies. 

The writing is already on the wall. As this country develops and lifts its game across sectors of society, many Vincentians will find themselves being left behind. Their reputation for the deliverance of goods and services and a job well done will eventually determine whether they will remain in the game and grow or not.

People who do a better job with decency and responsibility are being despised by their fellow employees. And the coworkers and employers at times like to ride these honest workhorses. However, holding one’s own and delivering well though always a lonely road will pay off for many in the long run.

The rise in crime and involvement in criminal activity started with people’s subtle abuses and cheating on jobs where instead of working to impress the client or employer, they squandered opportunity and complained excessively about being managed and expected to produce quality. A bad attitude towards authority figures and bosses is sadly what some think is appropriate. They fail to realise that the only alternative are criminal modes of operation. 

Workers, when you get a start, do not follow others who are ready to complain, moan, and behave like they are always entitled to more. Rome was not built in a day. And your success will take time and honest hard work. A higher-paying job will always be out there. Instead, be faithful to your employer, make the paying customer happy and do an honest job. Going beyond the call of duty often brings blessings and more opportunities. 

And, employers, do not abuse your employees. Invest in them. Hold professional development events for them. Help them to progress and teach them the value of work and help them to appreciate having good work ethics. 

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5 replies on “Some Vincentians’ poor work ethics leaving them behind”

  1. Percival Thomas says:

    Some of the issues raised may have an element of truth. But leadership must come from the top. The distribution of income goes heavily to a small section of society. Leaving many Vincentians in poverty and wanting to catch up with those who have the money. Wages and incomes are relatively low compared with other OECS countries. Taxes are high and the cost of living is high. We need better leadership in SVG to create a fairer society.

  2. The poor work ethic issue is one that needs investigating in CARICOM. It seems to be a cultural phenomenon.
    I think a good place to start is on the CXC model adopted to set a general education across the region. While it may seem reasonable to focus on academic and technical skills to meet workforce needs, the model does not develop social, personal and communication corequisite skills.
    Traditional structures that addressed these corequisite skills have declined.
    Since we have placed so much burden on schools to develop persons for the job market, maybe it is time to remodel their evaluation and performance mechanisms as a solution to the issue of poor work ethic.

  3. Sad but true after living overseas for 10yrs and came back to this is heartbreaking and highly disappointing

  4. I recently visited st Vincent after living in the diaspora and realized that poor work ethic is pervasive in the country. This is one of the biggest challenges that potential employers face. Let say an employee supposed to work at 8 AM , however, the employee is not there at 9 AM. This is theft in the ordinary parlance.

    If you so happened to have to run an errand and is not on the job to supervise, one can see they all rush back to work as soon as they you are coming. No wonder why a certain employer had to engage a foreigner in the construction industry . Locals have a bad work ethic.

    Entitlement is another issue when you are seen as a foreigner the price suddenly double . In the sense we are a bunch of people who believe in Entitlement.

  5. Wah kinda nonsense is this….yes some valid points were made but let’s not forget we living in a system where workers are over worked or expected 2 b over worked for lil or nothing….n let’s not forget the bosses mentality….U can b replaced cuz their is somebody out there with NOTHING who will accept ANYTHING #NONSENSE

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