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Clean up of Argyle beach
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Over 65 members from four of the five clubs in the zone — Diamond, Stubbs, Mesopotamia, Richland Park, and Biabou – cleaned Argyle Beach on Saturday as part of activities to mark Earth Day.

Two skips of garbage containing over 50 jumbo-size garbage bags were collected.

The garbage consisted mainly of plastic, namely soda and other household bottles and plastic bags.

There was an area that seemed to have been used for the dumping of household appliances such as televisions, refrigerators and stoves. 

World Earth Day was observed on Monday under the theme “Planet vs Plastic”.

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Zonal Coordinator and Coordinator of the Stubbs and Diamond Police Youth Clubs Yoland London said the groups cleaned as much of the beach as they could have.

“However, some untouched areas remained heavily littered and, as promised, we would return to continue our clean-up efforts of the area,” London said.

She added that something needs to be done, perhaps at the policy and enforcement level “to start seriously penalising persons caught dumping illegally.

“As a community, persons need to be on the lookout and willing to report any activity of such with the hopes of deterring persons from committing this dangerous act on our environment,” London said.

Secretary of Stubbs Police Youth Club, Kaylan Browne said the clean-up was especially important to the youth club members.

“It exposed them to the extent of littering/illegal dumping that takes place on our beaches leading to the destruction of our marine life and planet. It also drives home the message of the importance of playing our part individually to preserve our environment,” Browne said.