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North Windward MP, Montgomery Daniel speaking in the constituency on March 2, 2024. (Photo: Lance Neverson/Facebook)
North Windward MP, Montgomery Daniel speaking in the constituency on March 2, 2024. (Photo: Lance Neverson/Facebook)

Opposition Leader Godwin Friday says Montgomery Daniel should be ashamed of the representation he has given to North Windward since being elected MP in 2001.

The opposition leader spoke on NICE Radio on Monday about an interaction he said he had with people in Kingstown, saying it was taking too long to vote out the Unity Labour Party (ULP) government.

“The common refrain, ‘Friday, oh gosh why you taking so long? Leh we get this thing done’,” he said, adding that this is the new slogan of his New Democratic Party.

“‘Let’s get it done.’ And by that, I mean let us get the change of government done and let us get the process of transforming this country done. 

“And that is what I promised people that we will get it done with your help, though. We have to have that as a joint enterprise between ourselves in the political party. I am prepared to provide leadership in this enterprise.”

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The opposition leader said he was opening his arms to everybody.

“I don’t see people as being such that they cannot make a decision, a political decision that is in their best interest, irrespective of whom they may have supported in the past. 

“And I don’t blame anybody for any choice that they have made politically because it’s your vote.”

Friday said that while people can vote for whomever they wish, “the common-sense thing to do, the right thing to do, is to vote for a political party, for a political leader that will deliver what you expect that political party and the leader to do; not make empty promises like the ULP have done in office”. 

The opposition leader said this is why the ULP is “scrambling now to copy Shevern [John] up in North Windward” because they know they have not delivered. 

“The things that matter to people in the communities, they have not done,” he said and mentioned the condition of the hard courts and playing fields in Owia and Fancy as well as the roads in the district. 

“I mean, Gomery really should be ashamed of himself to say he was a senior member of this ULP government and he’d been there for so long,” he said of Daniel, who became deputy prime minister after the November 2020 elections, in which a fifth term in office.

“And he has delivered so little for the people of that constituency and the same thing can be extrapolated to the entire country when it comes to the ULP, this present government,” Friday said. 

2 replies on “Gomery should be ashamed of his representation of N. Windward — Friday”

  1. Veronica Timm-Grant says:

    Bequiaman Friday gets a salary for his service. He does not control the treasury and its therefore illogical for him to use his salary to get things done as a representative. If you were in his place would you have used your salary to get things done in Bequia? It is unconscionable for Friday to have done that Bequiaman .This is the though process of a moron.

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