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The Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) is using the 2024 ICC Cricket World Cup trophy tour of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to launch Vincymas, the country’s premier festival, after a lacklustre showing last year. 

“What we are doing this year, we think it’s a more exciting opportunity for Vincentians to get involved,” CDC chair Ricky Adams told a press conference on Monday.

“Last year, we did not have a very good launch. I think we all recognise that. And this year, it’s an opportunity for us to take it to the nation, basically, and to encapsulate much more of the cultural aspect of Vincymas,” Adams said.

He said that this year’s launch will attempt to give a feel of the  10 days of Vincymas in 24 hours. 

“And let me say we’re, basically, taking you through an entire Vincymas at the launch,” Adams said. 

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“So we think it’s actually an exciting opportunity for us and we think it’s a wonderful and refreshing way to launch Vincymas.”

The launch of Vincymas usually takes place on the first Saturday in May and should have been taking place this weekend. 

However, the ICC Cricket World Cup trophy will be in SVG from May 15 to 17 and the launch will coincide with that event.

We thought that that was a good opportunity for us as the whole ICC tournament, and our participation in the ICC tournament has been tagged with the Runs and Rhythm slogan. 

“We thought that was a good opportunity for us to begin the fusion of Run and Rhythm. And we’re also looking at the issue of there being a lot of eyes on the ICC trophy tour and that would bring additional eyes on the launch of Vincymas,” Adams said.  

Adams said the launch begins with alunchtime concert at Heritage Square on May 17, featuring the junior aspects of Vincymas, including junior performers and junior mas on display. 

He noted that the concert takes place at the end of the CPEA exams. 

“So it’s an opportunity for the juniors to come to Kingstown and those who are already writing in Kingstown, it’s an opportunity for them to come and experience the kickoff of Vincymas.”

Rickie Adams
Chair of the Carnival Development Corporation, Ricky Adams speaking at the press conference in Kingstown on Monday, April 29, 2024.

When the trophy returns from Bequia, there will be a “the DNA parade, where we’re looking at the DNA of our culture”. 

The trophy will be paraded around Kingstown in a showcase of the “traditional characters of Vincymas”, including boom drum, steel band, monkey band, t-shirt bands and costume bands.

So we will basically have what you would see on the streets of Vincymas going around town, demonstrating the culture of the Vincymas.”

The parade culminates at  Heritage Square around 4 p.m., where the “Vincymas Superbowl” will take place.

Adams noted that there will be opportunities for people to take photos next to the Cricket World Cup trophy.

The actual carnival launch party, the Vincymas Superbowl, will include a “couple of very brief speeches by the officials and dignitaries”, Adams said but noted that people do not come to the launch to hear speeches.

“And then we’ll have a number of performances from some of our top local artists,” he said, adding that there are a number of trending artistes and he is really excited about new music that is coming out for Vincymas so far this year.

“It seems as though we are having some early releases, and we are having some very interesting releases,” he said, adding that music “helps to sell the mas, helps to set the vibe for the mas”. 

The Superbowl event, which will also involve top DJs, culminates at midnight. 

“And one of the things that we’ve added which we think is very exciting, is we then going to have a j’ouvert parade around town on Saturday morning (May 18),” he said. 

And that will then close off the launch of Vincymas. So that’s why I said we’re taking you from the juniors into the street party, into the soca, in the j’ouvert. So we’re encapsulating Vincymas, 10 days of Vincymas in basically 24 hours,” the CDC chairman said. 

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  1. So, it’s all about vincy mass in which the returns are minimal? Where is the tourism sector? Won’t it be better since we basically moving away from agriculture to see this as an opportunity to market SVG as a tourist destination? After all, carnal – val is not a true reflection of our culture. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, a degradation.

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