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The Sandals Foundation has partnered with the Vincentian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (VSPCA) effecting a four-day spay and neuter clinic for some 300 cats and dogs in the Owia, Sandy Bay and Georgetown areas.

The initiative came less than a month after its parent company, Sandals Resorts International, made St. Vincent and the Grenadines its newest home. The company’s philanthropic organisation invested over EC$5,000 towards the 2024 series of clinics, creating the platform for service beyond hotel doors. 

“Overpopulation of stray animals, as a result of uncontrolled breeding, results in challenges to find shelter, food shortages, and an increase in the spread of diseases among animals, reducing the quality and length of their lives, and affecting wider human settlements and establishments due to the proximity of untreated stray animals in the environment,” the resort said in a press release.

“Spaying/neutering is a cost-effective means of managing stray and shelter animals, reducing the chance of unwanted litters among cats and dogs, and helping to alleviate overpopulation, animal injuries, and certain diseases in animals.”

Lisa Walker, president of VSPCA said the organisation is dedicated to addressing humanely the immediate issue of overpopulation while taking proactive steps towards long-term solutions for animal welfare. 

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“The importance of spaying and neutering cannot be overstated, especially in regions like ours, where the population of stray animals continues to pose significant challenges. Through our clinics, we are reducing the number of animals subjected to homelessness, neglect, and suffering,” she said.

“Looking ahead, we envision a future where every animal in St. Vincent receives the care and compassion it deserves. Through continued collaboration with partners like the Sandals Foundation, we aim to expand our outreach and impact, reaching even more animals in need and empowering communities to embrace responsible pet ownership practices. Together, we can create a legacy of humane treatment and respect for all living beings,” Walker further stated. 

In April, 167 dogs and cats were presented for the clinic. Twenty-seven pets were either dewormed, vaccinated, or treated for other medical conditions and 140 spay/neuter surgeries were performed on 34 cats and 106 dogs, having a tremendous impact on the Georgetown and Owia areas, the resort said. 

The Sandals Foundation, Gold Sponsor of the VSPCA’S 2024 Animal Wellness Spay and Neuter Clinic, said it has has long-supported initiatives geared towards the improvement of the lives of animals in need. 

Heidi Clarke, executive director at the Sandals Foundation, said this support is indicative of the foundation’s commitment to the wellness of human beings and animals alike. 

“The overall mission of the Sandals Foundation is to support communities in all aspects. This includes the humane treatment of animals. We are happy to partner with the VSPCA to contribute to the wellbeing of the people and furry companions in our new home,” she said. 

“Spay and neuter programmes like this [one] help to manage the number of free-roaming dogs and cats across the region, giving animals a chance to lead longer, healthier lives. We are committed to building a sustainable future for these animals and strengthening the human-animal bond.”

VSPCA, which was founded in 2011, is a non-profit organisation created to develop the infrastructure for the protection of animals in need. 

The VSPCA has been committed to promoting the well-being of animals across St. Vincent, working to address cat and dog overpopulation through spay and neuter and wellness clinics, humane education programmes, and cruelty and neglect emergency response through rescuing and rehabilitation efforts. ​

The Sandals Foundation said it hopes to continue this vital work with partners in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to improve the lives of animals and people and inspire hope in education, the community, and the environment. 

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