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Armed robbery

Residents of Barrouallie have complained to iWitness News that police were yet to respond after an armed robbery at the credit union there sometime after 1 p.m. Friday. 

Multiple persons have told iWitness News that police were informed of the “gunpoint robbery” but were yet to respond almost an hour later.

iWitness News was told that the alleged assailants fled the scene in a vehicle after the robbery.

It was not clear what was taken during the robbery. 

iWitness News was reliably informed that another financial institution in the Central Leeward town had also requested police presence after the crime. 

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3 replies on “No immediate police response after ‘armed robbery’ in Bagga”

  1. Do we know is the police stations on the leeward side of the island have their own transportation? Does anyone thinks that the authorities really care about people? The minister of national security is out of the country more than in. And to think these same people had call James Mitchell the national bird. His legacy would be he is/was the most widely travelled prime minister

  2. I think that they should put the police station back where it was in Barrouallie.That buildings can be renovated with the right contractor. It’s in a central location, and within close proximity to all the government facilities. This robbery might have never happened if that station was in operation.

  3. Where is the mighty explainer ? , he got all the answers and speaks for everyone on any and everything

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