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Shefflorn Ballantyne. (Photo: Facebook)
Shefflorn Ballantyne. (Photo: Facebook)
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In a shocking denial of reality, Minister of Health St. Clair Jimmy Prince recently declared in our Parliament that the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines never terminated anyone under the vaccine mandate of 2021. He further beclowned himself by professing ignorance of the latest developments regarding AstraZeneca and court cases globally which have since turned the mainstream narrative on its head.

During the question-and-answer period of the May 9 sitting of the parliament, MP Leacock correctly indicated that “A number of public servants were terminated because they did not take the COVID-19 vaccine.” He then asked, “In view of the new and emerging science, and developing international court cases, I am asking of the honourable minister whether we do owe these persons who have been fired an apology, and whether we should not consider appropriate recompense — put them back where they were before this unfortunate action?”

The Minister of Health rose to his feet and alerted the nation that Leacock’s question was itself questionable. “The Government has never terminated anybody,” he said. Before taking his seat, he declared that the experimental AstraZeneca shots he took did not kill him.

Somewhere in Mr. Prince’s mind, his wicked government did not use an asinine mandate which was framed by misinformation and disinformation to fire hundreds of un-jabbed workers. He has submitted himself to be played as a fool by the Gonsalves’ made-up meaning for the word “abandon”. He actually thinks that over 500 teachers and public servants abandoned their duties by not taking an unsafe and experimental jab into their arms. He swallowed that rubbish which has no grounds in fact nor law.

Note, this is the same minister whose actions in making rules to terminate state employees was slapped down as ultra vires and unlawful by High Court judge Justice Esco Henry a year ago. She stated: “I hold therefore that the Minister acted outside of his authority by making rules 8(1) and (2) of the Special Measures SR&O. For this reason, I find that he exceeded his authority in making them. They are therefore ultra vires his authority and unlawful. All measures or actions flowing from them are accordingly void.” (para 151, Judgment)

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“The Government has never terminated anybody,” Prince said.  On the contrary, Justice Henry found “that the claimants did not abandon their jobs” (para. 165). And now this Judas goat government is seeking help from the Court of Appeal to overturn this just judgment. They want the judges to approve their dastardly lie against workers who have provided service to this nation for decades. And, Jimmy plays the fool at the behest of his condemned government, publicly denying reality.

The rest of Jimmy’s answer raises many questions. Does the Minister of Health want us to believe that he has not heard of AstraZeneca’s decision to terminate its COVID vaccines after admitting to severe adverse reactions that have resulted from its use? Does the Minister of Health not have the obligation to citizens to inform us of these adverse reactions? Does he not have the duty to encourage persons who have taken AstraZeneca to report any effects suffered after injection? Why does he not care enough to apologise for the harm caused by his government’s wicked policies? Where is the compensation programme for the jab-injured?

The Gonsalves-led government does not care enough to acknowledge you have been harmed by the jabs. They will never apologise for the harm caused by their tyrannical mandate. It means nothing to them that your loved ones have died from the jab. Just ensure you have their backs on election day — that will suffice.  

Retribution is sure to fall on these betrayers of the people. Their callous disregard for the rights of citizens and their mountain of lies, misinformation and disinformation will not go unnoticed by He who has providential rulership in the affairs of men.

Ralph Gonsalves remains unrepentant for his government’s wickedness against workers, and so does Jimmy Prince. Isaiah 10:1-3 tells us of their lot.

This government is a curse to the people. It is time to abolish it.

Shefflorn Ballantyne

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  1. Joseph Henry says:

    There are two kinds of human beings and we must be aware and be sure
    when choosing leaders. The two kinds are mankind and madkind. If we choose madkind to rule over us, what do we expect of such kind?


  2. Take warning says:

    Dem na ha no shame dem shameless. No such word as shame in dem day vocab. Tooo darm bold faced , dem dying days will tell. It’s only a matter of time.


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