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Leader of Graduates Calypso Tent, Glenroy "Homie" Delplesche.
Leader of Graduates Calypso Tent, Glenroy “Homie” Delplesche.
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Calypsonian J Gould will join the cast of Graduates Calypso tent this year.

“J Gould is an entertainer and a case by heself. So, we brought him over. He’s the fisherman from Bequia,” Graduates leader Glenroy “Homey” Delplesche said.

J Gould is known for his song “Othneil the Greatest Whalerman”, a tribute to the late Bequian harpooner.

The 2024 cast reads:

Homie, Hero, Tajoe, Gao, Iwha, Verjah, Nubian Empress, Celena, Samantha, Busta Ski, Ligszandah, Arm Strong, J Gould, Bad Creation, Ranking Sam, Shaka, Ozarie, Flanka, Arm Strong and Abuza.

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Homie told the Calypsonian Association Press conference that Ranking Sam is “the man who does be jumping up all over the stage”, adding that Chaka joined the tent last year, “but he got cold feet the last minute.

“But he’s singing this year for sure,” Homie said.

He noted that the cast also includes Ozari and Flanka, two soca artistes.

“You know we must bring in a little soca man to change up the pace a little bit,” he said, noting that Verjah is a Ragga Soca artiste.

The tent will host its first show on Tuesday, then another show the following Tuesday, before the preliminary judging on June 11 — also a Tuesday.

“We are inviting the whole of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to come to each and every one of our shows,” Homie said and encouraged the public to support the other calypso tents also.