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NDP East St. George and South Windward candidates, Laverne Gibson-Velox, right, and Andrew John at the party's village meeting in Diamond on June 8, 2024.
NDP East St. George and South Windward candidates, Laverne Gibson-Velox, right, and Andrew John at the party’s village meeting in Diamond on June 8, 2024.
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St. Clair Leacock, who has turned around the New Democratic Party’s (NDP) fortunes in Central Kingstown, making it one party’s solid seats in St. Vincent, has promised to help two other NDP candidates to do the same. 

The  NDP vice president said that he will work with Laverne Gibson-Velox and Andrew John to help them win East St. George and South Windward for the NDP in the next general elections. 

He told the NDP’s village meeting in Diamond on Saturday that he was “excited by the fact that come hell or high water, whatever they do, or whatever they don’t do, I can give my time and attention next general elections to Laverne and Andrew because they can’t touch the I,” Leacock said.

“And that is precisely what is my mission,” he said, noting that the NDP got the majority vote in the 2020 general elections. 

“We also know that in the next election, wherever it is, we will get even more votes,” he said but noted that it is the winner of the most seats that forms the government.

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“Now, nobody has to tell us they thief we know that,’ Leacock said, adding that he, as well as Central Kingstown MP, Daniel Cumming “and many of us” have experienced that.

“And he tell us that he have a little knowledge about them kinds of things. He said that you know. I don’t want to go off on a tangent because he has some disparaging way he does speak about us black people. That if we get in a position we’ll thief and we’ll thief fast.  But let him continue to bray. Ralph, continue to bray.  That’s your prerogative,” Leacock said, referring to Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves.

St. Clair Leacock
Central Kingstown MP and NDP Vice-President, St. Clair Leacock speaking at the party’s village meeting in Diamond, June 8, 2024.

Leacock said he has asked John, a first-time candidate, to appear with him on the NDP’s daily radio every Wednesday, “because I know a winner when I see it.

“And I am declaring early o’clock, just as I have won in Central Kingstown, Andrew will win here in South Windward,” Leacock said, of the seat that Labour has held since 1994.

“I am also saying that Laverne will do even better than she did last time in East St. George,” Leaock further said of Gibson-Velox, who, on her first attempt in 2020, fell 196 votes short of unseating Finance Minister Camillo Gonsalves, who is widely seen as the preferred successor to his father as leader of the ULP.

” Well, if we have six seats already and Andrew in and Laverne in, six and two is eight,” he was saying when a member of the audience shouted out, “We done win.”

“We done who?” Leacock said and the person repeated, “We done win.”

“Thank you very much. We done win,” Leacock said.

He told constituents of East St. George and South Windward that Gibson-Velox and John “are extremely important to the political dynamics of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“You in East St. George, have a serious responsibility. Ralph has already insulted your intelligence. He said, Friday is from Bequia and you must not put him in a position to be prime minister of this country. But put Camillo,  who was born in America, to be prime minister, over you. Lord, have mercy,” Leacock said. 

“He sick not just in your head but all over,” the MP further stated in response to a comment from a member of the audience.

“And Laverne’s job is to ensure that will never happen. That will not happen. And I’m saying that it is the responsibility of all of us to ensure that St. Vincent is for Vincentians. You interpret that how you want to,” Leacock said. 

One reply on “Leacock pledges to help Velox, John win their seats ”

  1. Leacock I am not a pessimist but that ESG seat cannot be won by the NDP. Let’s look at the metrics for the last election. Calliaqua and Places like Prospect are old Labour bastion which is the Miton Cato Laborites akin to the Reganites.

    Places like Belmont and Lebanon show the same trend. Brighton shows the same trend over the years . We are no longer in the pandemic to restrict oversea/Diaspora voters from entering the arena. Camillo has the resources that Velox does not have to fight the battle. The ULP has the financial resources to afford free gifts for which the voting population is susceptible. East St George and South WIndward will ensure there are Six in a row. Camillo will be the natural successor to Ralph but lacks the charm. Saboto has already thrown in the towel. He is literally no match gor Baby Doc.

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