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Vincentians are being urged to be cautious in their activities on both land and at sea when the all-clear is given following Monday’s passage of Hurricane Beryl, which is reported to have claimed on life and damaged hundreds of buildings across the country. 

Gonsalves said Monday night that the Met Services was expected to discontinue the the tropical storm warning over night as the storm had move more than 200 miles west of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

He said that even though the warning would be discontinued, there was a lot of debris around and some high wind.

“And you have to be careful, particularly in the darkness, where you are going,” he said and urged people to stay indoors until Tuesday morning. 

“We have endured today, which is very bad, we can endure the night and tomorrow, we get up with the conviction and the commitment to rebuild our individual lives and our families’ lives and  to rebuild our country, to recover,” the prime minister said.

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He said that as regard the sea surges, the marine notices are still in place and people are advised to stay away from the sea until cleared.

Gonsalves said Billy Jeffers, head of the Met Services, had said that the sea are expected to subside enough by today (Tuesday) to allow people to travel to the Grenadines. 

The prime minister said 90% of the houses in Union Islands were damaged and there had been little contact with Canouan and Mayreau.

The prime minister said he was giving the information so people can be prepared.

“But, don’t go until you have heard officially from the authorities. But even so, the waters are going be very choppy,” he said, adding that he would see what transportation was possible so he could get to travel to Mayreau, Canouan and Union Island in the shortest possible time.