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A scene from Maddzart's "Contours" at Dimanche Gras at Victoria Park on July 7, 2024.
A scene from Maddzart’s “Contours” at Dimanche Gras at Victoria Park on July 7, 2024.
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Raeon “Maddzart” Primus defeated defending monarch Lornette “Fya Empress” Nedd to win the National Calypso Monarch crown at Victoria Park on Sunday.

In so doing, Maddzart made history, having won each of the major singing competitions of Vincymas – Power Soca, Ragga Soca, Calypso Monarch and Road March. 

Maddzart 2
Maddzart sings “Contours” at Dimanche Gras at Victoria Park on July 7, 2024.

Sunday’s show was the second major Vincymas competition in as many nights that saw a defending monarch placing fourth.

Maddzart appeared to draw on his experience with the subgenres of calypso – kaiso, power and ragga soca — as he performed his craftily written double entendre “Contours”.

Abijah sings “Dem Pirates” at Dimanche Gras at Victoria Park on July 7, 2024.

However, Fya Empress fans who were convinced that she — with her silvery voice — was the act to beat, left them disappointed after she sang a verse of her song twice, after promising “another verse”.

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It is not clear whether it was her intention or if she was distracted by the cock costume with “Lee” on its chest that was one of her props in her presentation of “Hypocrites and Crooks”.

But Fya Empress, having told the musicians “one more verse” proceeded to sing the verse of the song that she had just rendered. 

Robert Patches King
Patches sings “The Kingdom Must Come Down” at Dimanche Gras at Victoria Park on July 7, 2024.

Second place went to Elvis ‘Abijah’ Abbey with his political commentary “Dem Pirates” while Robert Patches’ King’s “The Kingdom Must Come Down”, another political commentary, placed third. 

Maddzart will take home EC$30,000 — EC$5,000 more than Fya Empress received last year.

This year, the Carnival Development Corporation has increased the prize monies for calypso, among other carnival competitions.

Fya Empress
“The Kingdom Must Come Down”

The other winners in the calypso competition will also receive larger prizes than their counterparts did last year. 

The results were an echo of the Ragga Soca competition Saturday night, when Javid “Jay-R” Rouse, who supplanted the throne in 2023, found himself in a fourth-position tie along with the duo Claydon “Dymez” Roache and Elrico “Da Pixel” Hunte.

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  1. Do the Islands have any other culture? All they do year after year is sing calypso and drink rum. Argue about politics and when hurricane season comes, bawl.


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