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SVG Green Party candidate Ras Bongo-Shines had denied selling marijuana to students.

ST. VINCENT: – A candidate for the Dec. 13 general elections has defended himself against accusations that he sold marijuana to student.

Ras Bongo-Shines of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) Green Party defended himself against the accusation when he appeared on Hot FM’s “AM Mayhem” hosted by Chris “Too Cool” Jones on Wednesday, Nov. 17.

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“I have a question for the Bongo-Shines,” a female caller to the programme said.

“I want to ask him what he has for the young people because … he used to sell school children weed. I want to know what he is going to do when he get in with the Green Party. [Is] he still gonna sell them marijuana in their school clothes?” the caller said.

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“My friend, my friend, the Almighty Father is who create a seed. I am not the creator and I don’t find weed is any problem or herb is any problem because I is a herbalist,” Ras Bongo-Shines responded.

“I travel almost the whole Caribbean and herbal conference and selling this country with my herbal product. So I find you want to pull me down and I find that is not the way to go.

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“I am not the Almighty. Am cannot create a seed. So, you have it wrong, my lady. I think you should take it back. You want to belittle my integrity? We have to come together and develop this country. Herb is not a problem my friend. The problem in this country is how to create revenue,” he added.

“Did you ever sell marijuana to school children?” Jones asked his guest.

“No my brethren,” Ras Bongo-Shines responded.

Ras Bongo Shines along with Green Party founder Ivan O’Neal appeared on Jones’ show to discuss their party’s policies and programme for SVG ahead of the Dec. 13 general elections.