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KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – Much of the up to EC$5 million dollars worth of water consumed at government facilities annually here is wasted, according to Garth Saunders, chief executive officer of the Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA).

Saunders said at a media briefing yesterday that his company has a good estimate of the volume of water consumed at government facilities but could not give an exact figure because some facilities do not have meters.

“So we are unable to accurately measure what is being delivered and also to produce bills. But we estimate from those that are metered that we supply basically between EC$4 and EC$5 million worth of services in terms of water supply services to government facilities,” he said.

“It is important though that when I mention the EC$4 million, consumers and listeners need to understand that a lot of that is wastage at government facilities,” Saunders further said during the briefing broadcast live on radio.

The meter replacement project would be for meters supplied since the 1990s.

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Saunders said that meters become inefficiency with time and may under record the amount of water consumed.

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