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Commissioner of Police Keith Miller, centre, says he has a 'perfect' relationship with member of the Police Roce (File photo).

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – Commissioner of Police Keith Miller says that he has a “perfect” relationship with the rank and file of the Police Force.

“From where I sit, I think it is perfect. It is excellent. … I am not going to be adverse with my predecessors. I do not think there’s a commissioner before me who interacts more with the rank and file,” Miller said on radio last week.

“We move through the departments, we move through the yard, we move through the stations and that relationship is evident,” Miller said.

He, however, said that while he has a good relationship with members of the Police Force discipline is still important.

“Discipline, to me, is the basis on which the Police Force must proceed,” he said.

“So if you are a disciplined young man, the level of my interaction would increase. If you are ill disciplined, … you would have to be corrected some place,” Miller further stated.

Meanwhile, Miller said that he was unaware of any plans to disband the Auxiliary Police Force

“I was not involved in any discussion in that respect. I have not received any directives to that effect so I am unaware of any plans to disband the Auxiliary Police Force,” he said.

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