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mr denzil bacchus
Businessman Denzil Bacchus, right, presents a cheque for EC$20,000 to Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves for the Argyle International Airport (Photo: Elson Crick, via Facebook).

KINGSTOWN St. Vincent – Twenty years ago, Vincentian businessman Denzil Bacchus made a promise to himself: donate money to any effort to build an international airport here.

Bacchus yesterday presented to Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves a cheque for EC$20,000, one-fifth of what he intends to donate to the construction of the EC$652 million Argyle International Airport.

“A project like that is a great project and I have always said to myself, over 20 years ago, that I will pledge it if someone takes the responsibility to do it,” Bacchus told I-Witness News late last night.

“I am not a supporter of Mr. Gonsalves but I give him kudos for doing that. It was strictly out of a pledge that I made to myself over 20 years ago,” Bacchus reiterated.

The real estate and jewellery entrepreneur plans to make a similar donation every three months until he gets to EC$100,000.

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“I have travelled over 2.5 million miles. I know that we need to have an airport here,” he said, adding that the money “is just off the cuff”.

Bacchus is encouraging other citizens to “ follow suit”, adding, “[There is] nothing wrong with doing your duty as a patriot.”

He told I-Witness News that while he is a supporter of the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) he is not a member of the party.

“I am an American citizen and I am a Republican. You get an idea? So, I am not a friend of Ralph per se,” he said of Gonsalves, who has undertaken to construct the airport, the most expensive capital project in the nation’s history.

Bacchus believes that when the airport becomes operational – slated for 2014 – it will bring “all kinds of benefits” to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“We are talking about both direct and indirect [benefits]. The indirect would be bigger than direct,” Bacchus further said, adding that having an international airport “ is putting us on a map as an international destination and this will encourage people to invest”.

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30 replies on “With donation to airport, businessman fulfils 20-year-old promise to self”

  1. At least the Bacchus money is not dirty or Christian blood money. I must say I always liked Denzil, I just hope that he doesn’t live to regret his actions in supporting the liar king.

    But thank you Denzil for your help.

    1. Patriotism is a devotion to one’s country, excluding differences caused by the dependencies of the term’s meaning upon context, geography and philosophy.patriotism is more than love for one’s country. It’s accepting individual responsibility. You don’t have to be a hero to be a patriot. The average person can be a patriot by doing the extra things that make our country a better place in which we live. Registering to vote, educating yourself about public issues, supporting and voting for the best candidate and encouraging others to do the same are the actions of a patriot. The same for obeying laws and volunteering to help others.

      Principals are honoring personal achievement, respecting the rights of others, helping our neighbors, inspiring good, and magnifying love of one’s country i will stay there for now, if you read what i’ve just post you would understand the basis of patriotism, yes it has a lot to do with being loyal to your country but there are a lot that fallows like for example obeying the laws, so in the first place the prime minister of the country already have signs of being unpatriotic he also have no regards for the rights of the people of S.V.G. and you dont do things for a country and claim you have been loyal to your country ralf haven,t fallow the laws of the country with respect to the international airport he’s building it like he’s building his own house he lies he opress the people of S.V.G and that is unpatriotic for that man who gives his money to ralf i said to ralph not the airport because the airport does not belongs to us vincentian, it belongs to ralf, this business man is making a big mistake, with the way the economy of S.V.G is going he could of use that money to enhance his business and helping with the unemplyment situation in S.V.G am so sorry for us as vincentian and as for you vincypowaless you never surprise me cause you are so blinded by this government all you see is red you would never awaken from your slumber unless you repent and accept christ as your lord and personal saviour him alone can awake you my friend.

  2. I tip my hat to you, Mr Bacchus. I, too, have promised to make my own small contribution and join the chorus in encouraging other Vincentians to do the same.

  3. I wonder if Denzil Bacchus knows that many of his Indian relatives and old friends have not been paid for their land. They have been owed payment for over three years.

    VincyPower instead of taking money and favours to try and protect the United Liars Party from the truth, why not do what Bacchus has done and help pay for the airport.

    You are the kind of Marxist rif raf that will be having a good laugh about Denzil giving Gonsalves money, he is what you can never be, a true patriot.

  4. Peter, there is NO NEED to PROJECT your THOUGHTS of SELF on others. Anyone can SEE that when it comes to PATRIOTISM U LACK the UNDERSTANDING and TRUE MEANING of the WORD.

    U R just a NOISE MAKER. You live for that KIND of NEGATIVE ENERGY.

    Again, Mr. Bacchus has DEMONSTRATED that he is a TRUE PATRIOT…his GESTURE should be COMMENDED and EMULATED.

  5. VincyPower, duck and weave, you ignore what I wrote, put your money where your mouth is, and don’t leave your mouth open to long, less someone drives a truck in.

    Go on then emulate away, O little twerp of the Marxist truth control brigade


  6. Alyou really have nothing better to do than make noise over a good deed really… Just commend the man for a job well done in supporting his country. And for all of you making noise about this party and that party.. The man said he is an American citizen he is not a supporter of Ralph nor is he a member of the NDP he is simply helping his country as he is in a position to do so.
    So Alyou just hush and go find something else to war about!

    1. KK I understand your point, but I do not subscribe to the idea of telling people to hush! VINCY POWA, PETER and all the others have a right to speak what is on their mind. A bit more respect for personality is desirable but nevertheless they have the right to speak. If we do not agree with what they say then fine. If we think that what the say is share “too-tooo” we have the right to respectfully tell them so. Disagreement is healthy. It creates a balance. It is what makes our lives interesting. If everybody agree on the same thing, boredom will kill us. So let the people have their discourse. Please!

  7. Joshua Richardson says:

    Keep up the good work Denzil. Your heart has always been in the right place. I remember our Primary School days when you would stand up for me.

  8. KK, maybe you missed my comment where I have stated over and over that Mr. Bacchus is a TRUE PATRIOT and he should be COMMENDED and others should EMULATED his GOOD GESTURE.

    It seems like the Peter fella doesn’t have the DIGNITY or the PATRIOTIC SPIRIT to PRAISE or CONGRATULATE Mr. Bacchus for his GOOD GESTURE.

  9. I am sure that Mr Bacchus gave in good faith. But there is so much suffering in this land. So couldn’t money be given to fix the roads, pay Govt workers who haven’t been paid for 4 months, help the houseless and homeless, and maybe even help those who lost their BAICO money because of Govt slackness. The airport will only accomodate LIAT if LIAT ever survives. What a waste of Communist Countries money!



    Have MERCY on these SOULS that SUPPORT an OPPOSITION PARTY that is in DISARRAY.

    L SUTTON is another CLASSIC EXAMPLE of why the NDP continues to this day to BOMBARD the MASSES with its EXPLOITATIVE POLITICS, because there is still a SIZABLE group of Vincentians who are still UNCONSCIOUS from the days of NO EDUCATION REVOLUTION under the then NDP government.

    1. progressive woman says:

      VINCYPOWA, they still suffering with BREADFRUIT MENTALITY!! I guess they will just have to pass out their time.
      I will just repeat what I said earlier “Good job Mr Bacchus!!! I hope other PATRIOTIC VINCENTIANS will do the same”.

  11. This is what patriotism is all about. I hope the PM learnt a lesson from this – not partyism. I salute you for this noble gesture Mr. Bacchus.

  12. First of all, let me commend Mr. Bacchus for his gesture of giving and committing for something in which he obviously believes. It matters not whether we think that the airport is a good thing or not. The man made a committment to himself and he is seeing it through. In principle this is a very good thing and speaks to the man’s character. That aside, I have often read many comments about patriotism on this blog. It is suggested that what define you as a patriot is whether you support the ULP and defend all its position. Mr. Bacchus is a patriot because he supports the construction of the International Airport, a ULP project. Those of us who question the viability of the project and call Gonsolve to explain its mechanism of funding and his shifting position on it financing. Those of us who critique the wisdom of sacrificing our national patrimony( the NCB, Our lands, the NIS etc.) for this one project are considered non-patriotic. This of course is quite laughable. The Vincentian society is not a cult controlled by the ULP. I believe that all of us love this country. I believe what we have is a difference in conviction as to how it should be governed. For example, I believe that the ULP and PM Gonsolve is bad for the country. I believe that by their behaviour, policies, political attitude, reckless ficial practices and poor moral disposition are causing more harm than good. Does this mean that I do not love my country? Does this mean that I am not patriotic? I cannot afford to give thousands of dollars of my personal money to PM Gonsolve to build the International Airport. Does that mean that I am not patriotic? I get up every single day, to go to my work, I do it to the best of my ability, I help my ULP and NDP neighbours with food, money and clothing when they are in need. I try to bring up my children and grand children in the fear of the Lord. I teach them respect for other Vincentians. I tell them about, keeping the environment clean and protecting the national heritage. I am involved in my community life. I am a Vincentian who contribute to our collective life. But, I DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THE POLITICS OF THE ULP and Dr. Gonsolves. For, that I am branded unpatriotic. Before ULP, I loved SVG. After ULP, I will still love my country. The idea that patriotism revolves around ULP support is nothing but share “too too”. It is laughable nonsense.

  13. Hey Jack A.. (Vincy Powa) How does Mr L Sutton becomes NDP?
    Disarray you say? Like calling Press Conference to announce reshuffle and have to backdown because of bacchanal in the party? Shut your mouth if you dont know what is happening.

  14. I hope the PM name the airport after Mr Bacchus. I was asked and that was my request. Its ashame to see how we have to beg for money to build an airport that should have been funded even before you think about building it.We are all Vincentian we should be glad for the effort of one of our own.

  15. JUSTICE, who REFUSED the NOBLE GESTURE by Dr. Gonsalves when he discontinued the cases against Eustace and Cummings?

    I suggest that you tell Eustace and Cummings that there is a TIME and PLACE for “PARTYISM,” because they APPEAR to NOT GET IT.

    Nevertheless, I HOPE this NOBEL GESTURE by Mr. Bacchus starts the BALL ROLLING for other Vincentians come on board to DONATE to the BUILDING of the INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT at ARGYLE.


  16. OLBAP, there is a PATTERN to your POSTS.

    You give the INTRODUCTORY platitude and then it is off to the races about Ralph this and Ralph that…ULP this and ULP that.

    In other words, you’re not FOOLING anyone, because your MODUS OPERANDI doesn’t CHANGE.

    It is all about ANTI RALPH n ULP prattles coming from your FINGERTIPS to KEYS.

    The AIRPORT will be COMPLETED and the COUNTRY will be PROSPERING and you and the rest of the NDPITES will still be SINGING the SAME TIRED SONG.,

    Again, I hope other PATRIOTIC VINCENTIANS come on BOARD and DONATE to this WORTHY CAUSE.

    Denzil Bacchus starts the ball rolling, so let us continue in this vain.

    As IPA said; U MUST PUT YOUR COUNTRY before your PARTY.

    How about it my PEOPLE?

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