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KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – Some members and supporters of the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) have fallen for attempt to divide the party, St. Clair Leacock, vice-president of the NDP said last week.

Leacock said on a radio that “one of the most painful things” for him is the “the amount of NDP people between the layers of problems that you have within and among NDP before you could even reach” the ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP).

“Because it is as thought there is an opposition within an opposition,” Leacock said.

He said that while he was not suggesting that the party not take “democratic” in its name seriously, “there is a way to make those contributions”.

“But sometimes we are so abrasive and the strap across your back is so crude that you can’t even lift your hand after the licks and the flogging you get to even open your eyes to deal with what’s in front of you,” Leacock said.

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“The pain is really excruciating at times. Everything you have somebody wants to throw somebody overboard and abandon ship and don’t look for me,” Leacock further stated.

“If you believe in something you fight it out,” he further said.

Leacock said that the NDP could do some things “more assiduously in terms of executive plans because the party is a government in waiting”.

“But there is no doubt among the leadership cadre and at all age group levels that we have a better grouping of people who are prepared.”

“Perhaps there is an advantage to coming to government having spent some time in opposition because you have more humility about you; you understand more the pain and suffering of people,” he said.

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