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KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace said yesterday that he has had to take his phone off the hook as persons react to a letter by his daughter, Maia Eustace, published in local newspapers on Friday.

In her letter, Miss Eustace, a lawyer, calls for open discussion of race here.

“I have got a lot of calls [about] a presentation made by daughter, in her own capacity, not representing me, … where she asks for a discussion of race in St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” Mr. Eustace said on radio yesterday.

“There has been a lot of reaction already to this letter…” Mr. Eustace further stated, noting that the letter was written independent of him.

“She is talking about the question of race in this country and the need for us to be more open about it. And she used some examples in relation to statement made by the Prime Minister, statements made by [social commentator] Jomo Thomas, … and statements made about me and about the two gentlemen who were in her colleagues office and referred to … as monkeys. I guess we will have more discussion as time goes on. A lot of discussion has started already. I had to take my phone off the hook,” Mr. Eustace said.

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Following is the full text of Miss Eustace’s letter:

Can we talk about race, please?

“Last month, a colleague closed our meeting by stating in reference to two potential clients that he would “send the two monkeys” over to my office in the morning. I assumed I had misheard him. He repeated it. Breath escaped me when he pointed out two men in his waiting room: one in Back Street business attire, the other casually dressed, both Black with very, very dark skin. Reading my dismay, he asked me whether I could not now see why he had called them monkeys.

“You will not publish this letter if I repeat my response verbatim. I remember surprise writ large across his countenance, his sheepish laughter, the claim I was overreacting.

“In the wake of the incident, I have recounted the experience to friends and colleagues; too many of whom are simply unsurprised and vaguely offended. This is a commentary on the banality of Black self-hatred in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“Self-loathing is not unique to our country. Epidemic skin bleaching in West Africa, bombardment of light-skinned women in hip hop and R&B music videos in the U.S., the multiplicity of biracial categorizations among Black Brazilians, light-skinned modelling in regional advertising of aspirational products such as banking services (everyday items like phone credit and detergent, not so much).

“However, there’s something in the water in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Try buying a Black doll in St. Vincent. Better yet, try finding a Vincentian child who wants a Black doll. If memory serves, it was Searchlight Newspaper a few years ago which asked random children at Christmas what they wanted most; every Black girl interviewed said she hoped to get a White doll. Need to distinguish between two Black Vincentians of different complexions walking down the street? Call the darker-skinned one the Black one.

“If you are under 51 and Vincentian, you’ve never voted in a general election that installed a Black prime minister. If you’re under 32 and Vincentian, you’ve never even seen a Black Vincentian prime minister. In 32 years of Independence, merely the first 4 were under a Black-led Administration. With only the benefit of our 2001 Population and Housing Census, and assuming no dramatic changes in the 10+ years since publication, this means that a paltry 16% of Vincentians are old enough to have voted in the last and only general election won by a party led by a Black man, viz Robert Milton Cato’s St. Vincent Labour Party in 1979. More than 60% of Vincentians had not been born yet.

“The data speak to the staggering youthfulness of our population, and hence the mammoth responsibility this implies for Rastafarians, the progressives, and the generations of Vincentians who benefited from the identity politics of the 1970s, all of whom are now clearly in the minority. In part due to the relative silence and disengagement of these groups in our postmodern ethos, we enable the emergence of local leaders who exploit Black self-loathing.

“The current prime minister has described a then dissenting Black public servant Anesia Baptiste as “picky head[ed]”; asserted that only one with the face of Jesus could lead this nation, knowing that the popular conception of Jesus is White; and famously claimed that George Bush would not be able to see my father, his dark skinned Black opponent, at night, all to rapturous applause from his Black, invariably dark skinned supporters.

“I see a real abdication of that responsibility by my friend Jomo Thomas. Mr. Thomas knows all too well the semiotic significance of comments like “every time Eustace stands next to Gonsalves, the PM looks like a genius”, as he stated in his 3rd February 2012 “Plain Talk” column in The Vincentian Newspaper, and attempted to justify in his 10th February column following a discussion I had with him.

“Given that he describes as “folklore” the claim that race “partly explains” (para. 2; 10/2/12) the longevity of Dr. Gonsalves and Sir James Mitchell, it is no wonder that he denies the revolting imagery his juxtaposition invites. Mr. Thomas forgets that in his 3rd February column he calls Mr. Eustace “silly” repeatedly. He does not merely disagree with Mr. Eustace’s decision not to accept Dr. Gonsalves’ offer to withdraw two defamation suits. He belittles instead. But the thrust of Mr. Thomas’ work suggests a caricature of Mr. Eustace as intellectually inferior and puerile. Mr. Thomas splits hairs when he argues that he does not criticize Mr. Eustace’s intelligence in general, just his political intelligence. What is a politically unintelligent politician? A man out of his depth.

“Mr. Thomas’ criticism of Dr. Gonsalves as egomaniacal reminds me of an affected middle-class mother bemoaning her child’s distaste for ground provisions. Her complaint is designed to reinforce her child’s and therefore her own class standing. In the same vein, arrogance is not considered unusual among the highly intelligent; Mr. Thomas’ description does not diminish Dr. Gonsalves’ perceived brilliance.

“I agree with Mr. Thomas’ assertion that we need more contrarians. It would be nice if Mr. Thomas were to join them.

“We need open, uncomfortable and sustained discussion of race in St. Vincent and the Grenadines by Vincentians of all races and opinions, not apologetics. Black self-loathing is a national problem.

“Maia Eustace”

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66 replies on “Daughter’s letter sends Opposition Leader’s phone ringing off the hook”

  1. Amazona Guildingii says:

    I heard Mr. Eustace’s daughter on NICE radio On Saturday morning and i was very impressed with her. I think she should get into politics as she is someone I will definately listen to and maybe vote for. I dont know however if we have such a huge race problem as she wants the rest of us to think. I remember her talking about a lady who was crying when Obama won. The lady, she said, was crying because the lady thought Hilary Clintion more ” looked” the part than Obama. I smiled at that because that was one persons opinion. There are about 6% of black people in the entire USA, yet Obama , a black man, won the election. So is race really a big deciding factor in choosing a leader? I have huge respect for Mr Eustace but if I am to compare his leadership qualities to that is Dr. Gonsalves i would choose Dr. Gonsalves and this has absolutely nothing to do with his race. So maybe we do have issues of race in SVG but i doubt very much it is a factor when choosing a Prime Minister.

    1. Vincy to the Bone says:

      Thank you much, we need to wake up and think outside the box… our challenge is mental slavery not skin color… because she is saying its a race issue while her father hires a white owned firm to use “electioneering” behaviour manipulation in order to win the previous election… what a cheap shot… She should write on SCL… and its use by the opposition… if they want to talk about a race issue…. it has to be balanced…

    2. There is no suttlitity to race in America it is rife and manifested on a daily basi. In SVG its different it is silently deafening. But as most Of us agree no one wants to or bold enough to speak about it. Not least of all our beloved blackest PM ever. The one who alludes to justice most – most unjust; most pronounces press freedom most – hides information and stifels free speech (lawsuits galore) ascribes and barks for gender equality but takes advantage of vulnarable women and violates the dignity of women.- loves to preach of love , but will destroy any who he deems to have a divergent political view.
      It is sad to say but our PM -a white man- is.taking advantage of the subserviences of the psyche of vincentians.
      That most of us cannot shrug off our slaved mentally- the white man knows best, he can do no wrong

      1. Vincy to the Bone says:

        What you describe is not RACISM,,, that is “LEADERSHIP STYLE” WE may not want to admit it but I can sure see Him working on achieving a “WHEEL OF BALANCE”… the people made him pull up… look good and see… its nothing to do with colour…

    3. You Just can’t end it there AMAZONA GUILDINGII. Educated us about the superiority of Mr. Gonsolves leadership over Mr. Eustace or are you like the other ULP “house slave” trying to kills us with all’yo political “shti talk” under this weird “patronizing mob- jumbo”. Please in your explanation..include the fact that Gonsolve was charge for rape and used the DPP office to clean his shti. That is leadership ULP style! You Guys should be lined up and pelted with shit.

      1. Vincy to the Bone says:

        you guys are all over the place… one minute racisim now rape… then insult people for different opinion, aint that same things you accuse PM of doing?? revenge is for God my friend… drop allyo hate and look at the performance issues then I can see what the noise about… too much hate in a system that is promoted as being democratic… What NDP doing with SCL is just a terrible and no ne seems to want to address it… manipulating behaviour is terrible to the core.. its back to slavery… we the people too stupid to make a decision to vote for you so youhire a firm to mess up our minds and it has so worked the amount of hate ive seen spouted over the past year and months… yet when he has his big opportunity to hear the people he chooses to “HANG UP HIS PHONE”…. that is what needs to be look at…

  2. Dennis Lampkin says:

    Well said, Maia! I was wondering how long it would have taken a bold Vincentian to open this can of worms for the average Vincentian to address frontally. For the life of me , I cannot see why a country with at least 90% people of African descent , could continue to tolerate the ruling of a minority class that is cheating them daily out of their birthright……Are we such dumb people to perpetuate self -hatred in this 21st century? My stomach aches daily to witness our so called intellectuals compromising their black souls for ‘a mess of pottage’ from so called leaders who historically have no regard for african ancestry. Our foreparents MUST be turing in their graves overseeing this modern day recolonisation!
    This wake up call to Vincentians is long, long overdue.

  3. Vincy 2 D Heart says:

    Mr. Eustace,
    I can assure you that “race” is not an issue in SVG. You lived abroad and would have experienced “race issues, race segregation, the ongoing but subtle injustices related to race.
    The huge issues within our nation are the ongoing “impudence for women by a high percentage our SVG men globally” ………Your Daughter will gain more mileage for her effort should she donate her energy on that topic. The SVG DPM made a chaos of the topic a few weeks ago and it would appear that our “majority male leaders” are so ingrain to normality of the regime that they cannot see the seriousness of the matter.
    Be assured that the one (be it woman or man) dared to take the lead on this topic will become the most deserving and promising of future leaders………………..

  4. Vincy to the Bone says:

    How could we mix up poor leadership with colour of skin.. what is wrong with us… look at the response “Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace said yesterday that he has had to take his phone off the hook as persons react to a letter by his daughter, Maia Eustace, published in local newspapers on Friday”. First as a father your daughter publicly raises an issue of National concern in her view which she has the right too and instead of you put systems in place to gather the feedback from the citizens you hang up your phone??? and we sit here and miss that… So when there is a problem in SVG and many of us call you, we are to expect as our leader that you hang up the phone????

    2. You distance yourself from your own daughter on a topic of leadership then what will you do to us, who are not related…

    We too blinded by these “emotional catchwords” than to see the real issue at hand… leadership = RESULTS.. surely by hanging up the phone you say to me you no longer wish to hear the voices of the CITIZENS OF SVG… This is what vincentians need to do think outside the box, put call systems inplace this is 2012 no excuses.. get volunteers whats ever is needed you have an entire team No excuses to help listen to the people No Excuses then we want to point… Shame on you… Go back to the drawing boards and lead from the front…

    1. vincy in bad shape says:

      LOL…. maybe being the person he is he didn’t want to make this all about him, she did in case you missed it cite other examples where she has witnessed this sort of behaviour. And when you cited in your above post that Eustace hired the SCL, are you now against white people working in svg. This has nothing to do with the SCL. How did you feel Vincy to the bone, when Ralph said eustace was too black to be seen at night?????How do you feel when people in svg in this day and age are reffering to people as monkeys?? Are you in support of those comments. The fact is when Ralph made his comments, our very black people clapped….

      leadership = results thats for sure and when the leader and his ministers are allowed to get away with their own brand of racism, then no progress can be made.

      1. Vincy to the Bone says:

        poor excuse poor.. you are right it was about the PEOPLE… you dont hang up the phone on the PEOPLE you listen to they concerns and you act on them.. He had the stage set for him… a leader [puts contingency plans in place… If you all would go based on COMPETANCE rather than “EMOTIONAL CATCH WORDS” then we would see the light… Ok The PM has taken some huge developmental risk and yes some of his actions are questionable,,, I wont discard it but You come to me at such a time to say OH I HANG UP MY PHONE>.. Why dont you elaborate on SCL instead of shunning it.. Vincentians ought to know how they function… the plan is to change the minds of the voter by using behaviour science in local language ” BEWITCH THE PEOPLE”.. why are you all ignoring such a grave act, if we goin to talk about race it leads down to slavery… when you do not allow people to make they FREE choice by taking control of they minds you ENSLAVE THEM… I am tired of all the PITY PATY Atempts to get a victory by default… If we really want to change the government first thing develop a vision… present it to the people bold… last big issue was poor black man too then we learn the same daughter was his lawyer in a case where he was infringing on a private persons right to land ownership… Cant you see the people actually looking forward to see a leader emerge, a writer said words to the effect indeed HE is a gentleman not a politician simply put He is in the wrong race, this is a square peg in a round hole… you cannot take down the giant without first having the sling shot… no giant wont listen to “OH YOU BIGGER THAN ME”… personally I admire the gentleman but he is destroying what left of him… RACISIM is not the issue my friend its “MENTAL SLAVERY”, the majority of the population of SVG gone back to the days of slavery, because they divide the island in TWO ULP or NDP… and many many feel oh they cannot help themselves… that is what she needs to write on… while the lands there empty and the blackberries flashing all over the place…

    2. so are you saying that ralph is a good leader if he is why we lose the bank, why we lose marketing board, why we cant pay civil servant on time man you crazy the man is the worst finance minister to ever been in office you notice he kept reshuffleing the cabinet but he him self never give up none of his portfoliothink again and stop look beyound party line.

    3. vincy in bad shape says:


  5. Oh Kenton! Keep your chin up and not be always led by your vanity. Your love for AU Eustace is almost suspicious!

  6. The English language sometimes get too complicated for some people. I’m amazed at some of the interpretations of this letter. I ate some of my English fee, but I’m not that far gone like what I’m reading here. Geez!

    The lady made a claim that basically there is a lot of self-hatred among black Vincies and she gave enough evidence to support her claim, and I agree with her position. I often wonder what part of the slave ship we rode in on. A man could stand on a stage and tell us that he didn’t come in chains and we applaud him. Another man could talk about “Jesus face” and we laugh till we belly buss and clap for that. You mean to tell me that something isn’t wrong with us (BLACK VINCENTIANS)?

    Some of you who live overseas would not even stand for these same things if they are said where you live.
    Furthermore, a lot of you who are knocking the lady for what she wrote couldn’t help yourself to see Obama win presidency in America. Why? Because he is black!! That’s why! Yet, when it comes to our local situation now, it’s a different story. Bunch of hypocrites!! Sickening!!

    1. BAGGA, the only thing that is WRONG with SOME AFRO VINCENTIANS is an INABILITY to GRASP when an issue is brought to the fore for a reason not DIRECTLY OUTLINED in their presentation.

      Is this MAIA person the daughter of Arnhim Eustace, POLITICAL LEADER of the NDP and OPPOSITION LEADER of the HOUSE of PARLIAMENT.

      Isn’t Eustace getting up in AGE?

      Who do you think is being groom to replace him in East Kingstown?

      Do you think this young woman has POLITICAL ASPIRATIONS?

      1. vincy in bad shape says:

        The know it all powa is at it again…. how do you know the young lady has political aspirations???? Are you the same vincy powa who stated that Mitchell’s daughter was going to run during the last elections???

        Again people it was the latest incident which brought to writing the letter. If this was about her father she would have written this right after ralph made his foolish statements. Forget about Mr Eustace for a second and focus on the very first paragraph of her letter. Why should professional people be calling people monkeys????

  7. This article is just another episode of trying to use race to garner support for the NDP, specifically the author’s father, Arnhim Eustace. Therefore, just like all the other attempts, it will fail.

    Eustace’s daughter is saying that afro Vincentians should vote for her father because he is Black even though he is an INCOMPETENT LEADER.

    In other words, although Dr. Ralph E. Gonsalves has DEMONSTRATED that he is a SUPERIOR LEADER than Mr. Eustace, Afro Vincentians should vote for Eustace, who has demonstrated that he is not fit to manage a mauby shop much less govern a country, because he is a BROTHA.

    So I should VOTE for Eustace to take this blessed nation backward, because he is Black, instead of Dr. Gonsalves, who has been taking this BLESSED NATION FORWARD, because he is of Portuguese descent. Yes, I should REWARD INCOMPETENCE over COMPETENCE. Is this young woman serious?

    I will have to be TOTALLY out of my MIND to choose an INCOMPETENT LEADER for one that is COMPETENT to MOVE my BLESSED NATION forward.

    Frankly, Eustace does not have the INTEREST of POOR PEOPLE at HEART. Not only does his background suggest that kind of pedigree, his political affiliation and that of his party supports this as well. Moreover, who has been the CHAMPION of the POOR in the society, Dr. Gonsalves or Mr. Eustace?

    How about causes dealing DIRECTLY with people of African descent, who has championed their cause locally, regionally and internationally, Dr. Gonsalves or Mr. Eustace?

    Who has the African Union invited to attend and speak at their meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, twice, Mr. Eustace or Dr. Gonsalves?

    That said; who are the FINANCIERS of the NDP? Who did the NDP hired to manage their referendum and general election campaigns?

    Whether we want to accept it or not, the NDP has demonstrated it favors the ELITE class of this nation of ours.
    Based on their record, which political party has demonstrated that it has the BEST INTEREST of the POOR, the WORKING CLASS and the COUNTRY at heart, the ULP or the NDP?

    If you can answer those questions TRUTHFULLY, then it is that LEADER and that PARTY who should be supporting to MOVE this NATION FORWARD.

    If Maia Eustace wants to have a GENUINE DISCUSSION on RACE and CLASS, sure, why not, but do not try to raise the issue for POLITICAL opportunism, because it will fail like all the other attempts.

  8. Crime is a national problem

    Poverty is a national problem

    The roads are a national problem

    Health care is a national problem

    Black self-loathing is the least of Vincentians problems.

    If I were the offspring of Mr Eustace, I too would conjure up some specious argument to deflect from the obvious shortcomings of my dad. Here is the hard truth Ms Eustace, your father is an intelligent and wonderful gentleman but he is no politician. Unfortunately to be a politician in this day and age, you have to be ruthless. The lack of ruthlessness on the part of Mr Eustace cost him the 2010 election. He maybe forgiven for the previous two.

    I will point to two instances where Mr Eustace showed weak leadership and which lead to his Party eventual defeat in the 2010 Elections:

    1. Poor selection of candidates-Burton Williams, a restraining order to stay 100 feet away from any NDP gathering was the course of action; instead, was allow entry into the NDP ranks. Margaret London, a woman with a speech impediment and more baggage that LIAT, really? Norrel Hull,just how many times do I have to tell you I don’t like you, for you to understand?

    2.Having James Mitchell anywhere near a NDP podium. The presence of Mitchell undermined the leadership of Mr Eustace and that affected the psyche of voters. The NDP is still Mitchell’s party…Eustace needed to disabuse voters of such thinking.

    Had Mr Eustace been ruthless,those candidates would have never seen the light of day and Mr Mitchell would have been barred from speaking on any NDP podium. But then again maybe Mr Eustace could not muster up the courage to tell a white man, shut up and sit your arse down!

    But I digress…we were speaking of race?

  9. First of all, your colleague is an idiot.

    Secondly, maybe we need some sensitivity training in Vincyland. We as a people see funny in the most offensive and derogatory comments. For the most part, Vincentians have a dark sense of humor; just think of the many nicknames we have bestowed on our friends and family…a man with a speech impediment, we call him “snuffy”; a man a with a physical disability, we call him ‘cripple” or “brukup”…if you too short,we call you “shorty” or as one well known upper class individual in Vincy Society is commonly refer to as “sagaquarts”.If you don’t comb your hair or have “bad” hair, we call you “grubby”.if any individual facial feature is disproportional to your overall feature..we call you “nose” or “yard a mouth” And lets not forget those of a gone by era- “mission monkey” “mother bakes”, “cat tongue”..and others…we are a sorry bunch of people when it comes to sensitivity. Its not self loathing or racism per se…we just have a weird way of expressing our selves. As for the black dolls reference, really? What about the clothes we buy? What about the food we eat? What about the Music we listen to? All imported from foreign…and you wonder why the kids prefer white dolls?

    These incidents that you offered up as evidence of racism in SVG, is nothing more than isolated cases of people being idiots. Dr Gonsalves “Bush” comments were racist in nature…but so was Montgomery Daniel comments about not being brought here “in chains”- can you honestly say that Gonsalves is a racist? I despised the man..but really? Again, Dr Gonsalves and Daniel were just being idiots, knowing that they would get a laugh from some dotish, crass and insensitive folks. We as a people have to elevate our discourse and demand a level of decorum from our public officials befitting of their status. All this nonsense of racism and self-loathing is a figment of your imagination.Ms Eustace. I disagree with both you and Jomo, in this regard, the political longevity of Mr Mitchell and Dr Gonsalves has nothing to do with race, rather their longevity is a result of a weak and disorganized opposition that could not convince the populace that they were a better make such assertion is insulting the intelligence of the electorate. Maybe the NDP needs to hire you as their consultant rather than SCL as you have tap into a statistical reservoir; that apparently the NDP was clueless about. You stated and I quote “With only the benefit of our 2001 Population and Housing Census, and assuming no dramatic changes in the 10+ years since publication, this means that a paltry 16% of Vincentians are old enough to have voted in the last and only general election won by a party led by a Black man, viz Robert Milton Cato’s St. Vincent Labour Party in 1979. More than 60% of Vincentians had not been born yet”. Wow! Now if only the leader of the NDP could find some way of getting just half of those youthful votes; I can bet my two cents had he done so, we will not be here talking about race.

    Its time and half in Vincyland, when folks are pulling out the RACE CARD to analyze the political landscape. I am no fan of Gonsalves or Mitchell…I so wanted Mr Eustace to win the last election, but somehow, the NDP contrive to snatch defeat from the jaws of Victory…but ah afo say, this analysis, given the relationship of the author to the political narrative of SVG…smacks of desperation.

  10. ……………”If you’re under 32 and Vincentian, you’ve never even seen a Black Vincentian prime minister.”….That was a sentence taken from Mr. Eustace’s daughter letter…..But wait nah….was her father, a black man, not Prime Minister for about 6 months about 12 years ago?……hummmmm….Did she really not even remember that her own fahter who is black was PM in the past 15 years?,.,,,so how can she make such a sentence?….hummmmm

  11. SAADISS:
    Because we have referred to each other by these derogatory names for so many years means that we have to continue doing so. We are in the 21st century, and must therefore reflect ourselves as enlightened people – both in speech and manner.

    1. Dwells:

      Maybe you miss the part where I stated:”We as a people have to elevate our discourse and demand a level of decorum from our public officials befitting of their status”.

      Sometimes, you just have to sacrifice the messenger…

      Eustace messenger: Listen carefully, Vincentians. Arhnim conquers and controls everything he rests his eyes upon. He leads an army so massive it shakes the ground with its march, so vast it drinks the rivers dry. All the God-King Arhnim requires is this: a simple offering of earth and water. A token of Vincyland submission to the will of Arhnim.
      Vincy: Submission. Well, that’s a bit of a problem. See, rumor has it that Mitchell is still the leader of the NDP and your leader still answers to him—how can we submit to someone who preaches for a kinder and gentler society in these hard times. We need a leader made of steel with ice water coursing through his veins. We want a leader that can put his mentor in a corner and ruthlessly remove soldiers who deserted his army when things were hard and those soldiers proven to be inept and perennial losers.
      Weakheart: We must be diplomatic -.
      Vincy: (cutting him off) And of course Vincentians… have their reputation to consider.
      Eustace messenger: Choose your next words carefully, Vincy. They may be your last as a voter.
      [Vincy turns and ponders the offer. He looks at various people standing around, watching him nervously, the last of whom is Vincywoman.]
      Vincy: [in his head] Earth and water… [having made up his mind, he draws his Bulwod on Eustace messenger, whose back is to a large well. The Vincy guards follow suit and draw their bulwood on the other messengers.]
      Eustace messenger: Madman… You’re a madman!
      Vincy: Earth and water… You’ll find plenty of both down there. [indicates the well with his bulwood]
      Eustace messenger: [nervous] No man, Leeward or Windward, no man threatens a messenger!
      Vincy: You bring the crowns and heads of past leaders to my city’s steps! You insult my intelligence. You threaten my people with sophistry and statistics. Oh, I’ve chosen my words carefully, Mia. Perhaps you should have done the same.
      Eustace messenger: This is blasphemy! This is madness! [Vincy lowers his bulwood and looks toward Vincywoman, who nods]
      Vincy: [facing the Mia messenger] Madness? This is Vincyland!! [kicks the Mia messenger into the deep well]

      1. Eleveting the discourse I agree with. How then can we elevete the discourse if we choose not to have a discussion. What this young lady is asking is that there need be public discussions on the matter of race and name-calling in SVG. It is a matter of professional ethics. Should we choose to leave the politics (and I do here some of that in the comments offered by some) out of our comments we will then recognize the merits of her request. Racial stereotype or deregotary name calling should have no place in any civilized society, and especially among learned men and women.

  12. I will like to see the people of SVD put the politics aside and discuss the letter at hand. Do you think the hatred from USA have reach our shores? Do you think that hatred is next door to you? If someone call you monkey will you be mad and how would you respond? My first month in Boston i over heard some one saying I am black and ugly and i was so mad, because she had the feeling she was white. I hope the color of our skin do not bring a division to our shores and we will continue to respect and love one another. One politician once told me, politics is like Xmas, when its here we remember and when it gone we forget. Love is the answer my people and may god richly bless.

  13. There was always a hidden race issue in SVG for many years. It went underground when Joshua and the PPP came to power. The comments in the article by Ms. Eustace show it still exists and raises its ugly head from time to time.
    I have to agree with many writers that Ralph is a skillful dictator and manipulator. He won the last election because Arnhim did a rope-a-dope. Arnhim cannot win an election until and unless he visits and breaks bread with the people he wants to lead. He has to listen to what the people have to say and use those issues for his debates against Ralph.
    The women issue should have been front and center in the last election. I listened to Nice Radio for a few days during the last election and women took center stage with the issue. No one noticed the cries of SVG women and today we see the results (women being killed, beaten and abused). This is one of the most obvious discrimination issues in SVG that is not being addressed.

    1. Vincy 2 D Heart says:

      The writer “Vere” said… “No one noticed the cries of SVG women and today we see the results (women being killed, beaten and abused)”; he further said…. “This is one of the most obvious discrimination issues in SVG that is not being addressed”……. I will like to restate that such action as “killing, beating and abused” comes about due to the lack of respect, hatred, envy, jealousy, obsession, the desire to control another…….. Those are all ‘mannerisms’ that expand beyond SVG but within the Diaspora and have to be addressed globally.

  14. Firstly let me say that Ms. Eustace is a brave individual to address such a controversial issue in the local media and having lived in two other caribbean countries I am still glad to brag and boast of this level of democracy and freedom of speech that my people still enjoy.
    Also , I ask that the bloggers on this article , keep to the point being made and not use this as an opportunity to campaign as I honestly do not get that Ms. Eustace is giving reasons for you to vote for her father’s party but instead, is only trying to use an example from the history of our choice of leadership todraw attention to the self loathing that many darker skinned nationals have .

  15. You Just can’t end it there AMAZONA GUILDINGII. Educated us about the superiority of Mr. Gonsolves leadership over Mr. Eustace or are you like the other ULP “house slave” trying to kills us with all’yo political “shti talk” under this weird “patronizing mob- jumbo”. Please in your explanation..include the fact that Gonsolve was charge for rape and used the DPP office to clean his shti. That is leadership ULP style! You Guys should be lined up and pelted with shi*t.

    RACE was introduced by this ULP party long time ago. Those who want to deny it are just Plain Dishonest. Jomo Thomas like the other ULP ‘hogwash propurtors’ are so mesmerized by their ‘almight one’ Gonsolve that they accept this political blindness as intellect. The only conclusion anyone with commonsense can draw from the mouthing of Gonsolves, Julian Francis, Jomo Thomas and those of you who worship Gonsolve is that Gonsolves is superior not because of his abilities but because of his color. Gonsolve is an immoral man! Eustace is not. Plain and straight. Check the evidence. “No amount of rationalization, crackling, croaking, mooing, grunting or what ever sounds you people want to make is going to change that. FACT ARE FACTS! So… “knock yourselves out.

    1. Olbap, anyone with any inkling of COMMONSENSE can CLEARLY see that Dr. Gonsalves is a SUPERIOR LEADER to that of Mr. Eustace.

      If the QUALITIES of LEADERSHIP DISPLAYED by both men were reversed, then CLEARLY Mr. Eustace would have naturally been the one deemed to be the SUPERIOR LEADER.

      It is that simple.

      1. VPOWA:
        “Anyone,” in this context is still a matter of opinion – and not necessarily a majority one. Once you have made this discussion political, your opinion loses its merit.

  16. The day black people stop being proud to be black and just be proud to be human like everyone is,that will be the day they will find life easier.Saying “proud to be black” only separating yourselves from other races.Do you see any other race other than racist whites doing that crap? And if Ralph calls anesia “picky head” it because of her hairstyle not her race so grow up and stop being so stupid and childish already.

    1. It is simply amazing how far we black people will go to justify rasist comments which debase and belittle we own race. This is suppose to be black history month. Look at what we black people defending. Why? because we simply worship a unprinciples leader who continue to play those of you who are “political dimwits” who seem not to know all’yo bottom from all’yo elbow, much more about all’yo own history. Wha happen? Yo’ all so bloody stupid that yo’all don’t know when people insulting al’yo? JASON do me a favour., go research the term “picky head” and tell me if it is not a racist comment. Yo’ all are too darm hypocritical. Sometime just listening you you guys make me wanna “puke”.

  17. Does it matter what colour the Prime Minister is? I thought it only mattered if the PM is doing good or bad.Vincy people have so far to go is ridiculous. If you want a black leader so bad go live in America or an African nation then.Damn idiot.

    1. The problem here is not the colour of the PM. The problem is the PM using colour and race to belittle we, making it seems…. implying through his “ask” talk that if you are high colour or white, then you are somehow a better leader, you are superior or you are a genius (in Jomo”s term). This is where the problem is. James Mitchel was high colour. But he has never once disrespected our black race. The worse problem is when we black people turn around and defend this shti. This is where the problem comes. As to ther rest of your comment about: “If you want a black leader so bad go live in America or an African nation then..” THAT IS SOOO STUPID! IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO ADEQUATELY REPLY TO THAT ONE WITHOUT USING SOME BAD WORDS! SO I WILL LEAVE THAT ONE ALONE.

  18. Amazona Guildingii says:

    @OLBAP, so because i think Gonsalves is a better leader than Mr Eustace you want to pelt me with s**t?…WOW and i was under the inpression that we are in a country where we can have our individual opinions. I guess you totally ignored the part where i said i have great respect for Mr Eustace or where I said i would even vote for his daughter. You are happy to call me house slave all because i dont show hatred for Mr Gonsalves as you do. You need to learn some respect and learn to be tolerant of others and their opinions. I have not disrespected you in anyway nor will I as I know to each his own opinion.. i love my country and i will support anyone in power who i think is trying to develop the country. Being a hater is really ugly OLBAP

    1. Vincy to the Bone says:

      well said,they doing the very samethings they criticising… very same… the very senator, referred to as “picky head” called a friend of mines ” unskilled, crazy, devil, liar, so called minister all kind of derogatory words just because she and her collegues were asked to stop teaching vincentians to hate each other and to learn to forgvie the PM and move on… they were extreemely disrespectful a number of them collectively and they believe is ok to do such because one dont agree with they views yet they want to point at the PM. When you point this fact out they say oh you are enslaved by him, that time all your issue is “GOVERNANCE”, none do not want to show SVG the facts SCL and how they go about they ‘ELECTIONEERING” they want to say oh look at Ralph went and vote for DENZIL insted of say it is a very terrible act… In my view there is no better alternative, all the same, the very Mr. E.G. LYnch they mouth piece went on a radio station recently in Barbados and said, Politicians love each other, its we the “ORDIANAIRY” people is who developing the hate then they come write such a message… tell them come better than that… but when you present the other side they get mad withyou but truth cannot change they no better… even on this page about racisim its very evident..

    2. Amazona Guildingii Point Taken! Appologies. I was not speaking to you personally. This is political talk. If you are offended. I appologise.

  19. In case Maia has forgotten, Mr. Eustace and his party, the NDP, hired a WHITE BRITISH COUNSULTING FIRM called SCL, whose MEMBERS are ADMIRERS of the then GENOCIDAL and RACIST DICTATOR of Germany, Adolf Hitler, to MANAGED their REFERENDUM and GENERAL ELECTION campaigns. Their main strategy was the use of MINDBENDING TECHNIQUES on Black Vincentians meant to convince them to vote against the ULP.

    Should we as Afro Vincentians refer to the NDP as the “UNCLE TOM” party of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, seeing that their main FINANCIERS are of a DIFFERENT HUE and the FOUNDER of the PARTY is a “WHITE MAN” by the name of James Mitchell?

    I am of the belief that Eustace and the other BROTHAS and SISTAS within the NDP should form their own POLITICAL PARTY, if one has to take the ramblings of Eustace’s daughter seriously.

    What do you think?

    1. Vincy to the Bone says:

      fully agree, no one wants to look at the origin and root of SCL, same same thing they here complaining about… they want to push it in the back burner…

      1. Vincy to the Bone says:

        here are the things she need to also expose… ” SCL is a behavioral research and intervention agency. It offers its services to governments, militaries, political parties, and commercial companies who seek to affect behavioral change amongst key audience groups.[1]

        The company conducts Target Audience Analysis (TAA) to learn the motivations, beliefs and receptivity to influence of specific groups. This methodology is meant to provide comprehensive and accurate psychosocial, socio-dynamic and communication profiles of target groups. SCL argues that this methodology lets it identify the ‘buttons’ that need to be pressed to change the behavior of any target audience.”

        SCL Behavioural is a behavioral communication agency. It differs from traditional advertising agencies in that it is not creative-led, nor does it base its work on attitudinal research. Instead, it conducts forensic population research across a wide spectrum of measurement variables to identify the triggers that cause a target audience to change its behavior.[SCL Elections operates globally and since 1993, it has worked on successful campaigns in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.[7]

        This division of SCL offers a variety of political campaigning services. These include advanced electoral polling and behavioural analysis, media research, opposition research, resource management, fundraising, brand advertising, and full campaign management.[8]

        SCL’s promotional material states that its use of Target Audience Analysis for developing campaign strategies is unique in the electioneering industry.
        SCL Social boasts that its communication campaigns are successful because they are informed by the in-depth results of Target Audience Analysis. SCL argues that its approach is more effective than that of traditional communication firms because it focuses on altering behaviours instead of informing attitudes.[10]

        SCL Social runs communication campaigns in the sectors of Health, Gender, Environment, Governance, Economic Development, Education, and Security.

        Its promotional materials state: “To help our clients, we conduct Target Audience Analysis and identify the key ‘drivers’ and ‘switches’ that command behavior. We then use this knowledge to develop effective communication campaigns designed to ‘press’ these buttons, thereby ensuring the desired outcome.”

      2. vincy in bad shape says:

        Vincy to the bone you have talked about the SCL and i’ve asked you a question. The same SCL ran the campaign for the St Kitts prime minister, Ralph campaigned with them then. Are you putting that fact on the back burner…… and while you are giving us facts, tell the forum who is Hartley Henry…

    2. Does it matter that the consulting firm is white, or black, or blue, yellow, pink, etc.? The issue at hand is that we as Vincentians are being disrespectful to each other based on the color of our skin. It is about time we look beyond skin color. Sure, we have progressed since the days when only very light-skinned blacks and whites can work in our banks or participate in carnival queen shows. Nevertheless, we still have a very long way to go if we are continuing to be disrespectful to our fellowmen based on the color of his/her skin.

  20. Pat Robinson Commissing says:

    Why does everything end up being treated as another political plaything. The letter raised a serious issue which spans all political parties, classes and the whole colour spectrum. I read the letter, and I did not read that Ms Eustace was writing to promote her father’s political ambitions, or even as her father;s daughter,but as a Vincentian concerned about what she perceived as a serious issue. Nor does the NDP’s hiring of a British consultancy firm have anything to do with the matter. Rather I saw an attempt to get Vincentians to consider something that no one wants to mention. That is the covert racism and the self hate – yes self hate – that is still with us. “Nice hair” and “straight nose” that we see as somehow “better”. Not to mention “long hair” which must not on any account be cut or even trimmed however stringy like rat’s tails the ends might look. “Fair skin” or “clear skin” is also better than “black”. These sentiments exist throughout the Caribbean and the Americas where there was slavery. I was just reading about the colour/class divide in Brazil where there has long claimed that there are no racial problems. Actually, it’s the white Brazillians who most often say there is no problem. I doubt that the blacks, who are over represented in the favelas, would make the same claim. Ms Eustace started the letter by referring to a colleague who referred to two black clients as “monkeys”. Presumably the colleague did not think that anyone should be offended by being referred to as a “monkey” – just a funny joke between friends – even though we live in the context of our history of relations with Europeans, our slave masters, who continued well into the last century to refer to Africans or people of African descent as monkeys; just ask any West Indian who migrated to the UK in the 1950s and 1960s about being asked about their tails and whether they lived in trees in their home countries. That anyone and moreover a professional person, could think of this as “just another joke” just shows how obtuse those of us who think of ourselves as being rather closer to the European ideal can be about racism.
    Racism can hide behind any number of facades – class and nationalism are perhaps the best known. For example, when the British wanted to limit the numbers of people entering the UK from their former colonies in Africa, the Indian sub-continent and the West Indies, they conceived of a category of “patrials”, people with a grandparent born in the UK who were entitled to British citizenship, however long the period since that ancestor had migrated to another country (a category, incidentally, which allowed a white South African who had never set foot in the UK, to get a British passport in record time to allow her to compete in the Olympics at a time when South Africans were banned from international sport. Of course, nothing so unbecoming as “race” was ever mentioned, oh dear me, no; but everyone knew the purpose of that Nationality Act). And the Brazilians often insist that theirs is a class not a racial problem. But when slavery was abolished only in the 1880s (the last place in the Americas) and nothing was done to enable the ex-slaves to become fully citizens of the country and they continue to languish behind whites in education, health and income, when the business manager is white and the cleaning lady is always black, when in the 21st century the senior positions in even state firms are lily white and even government ministers are all white one has to ask how much of this is class and how much race. In fact race and class are so intertwined that one can easily deny that there is any “race” problem at all, even when you see a black woman cleaning a house and you assume she is “the help” not the owner of the house.
    And I will never forget the friend who came to my home when i was playing a recording of Jessye Norman, the black American opera singer. He didn’t know who the singer was, but he objected to my listening to “white people” singing. The implication being, I suppose, that “black people” did not sing like that. Why not? Until we can accept that music, art, technology and whatever are HUMAN achievements that should be available to anyone whatever his or her race or colour, we are not really free from our colour and race prejudices. And equally we need to accept that a political party can hire a consulting firm based on their competency and that their colour should be irrelevant. What we should be asking is – is this a good firm of political consultants, not what is the colour of their skin; unless, that is, we still have hang-ups about whites. Ask yourself – if a British party employed a black firm of consultants from, say, Trinidad or Jamaica, and British people complained about this black firm (specifically because it’s a black firm) what would be your reaction – that it is OK for them to object? or that this is another example of British racism?

  21. Amazona Guildingii says:

    Ok so i keep hearing we have a ” RACE PROBLEM” in St. Vincent….. Can someone PLESAE tell me what the PROBLEM is?…Can you state the PROBLEM in a sentence so i can understand exactly what this ” Race Problem” is?. …..I await an answer….thanks

    1. @Amazona Guildingii

      Dr Gonsalves told his supporters that George Bush couldn’t see Eustace at night and people applauded. That is the extent of the “race problem” in SVG according to Ms Eustace.

      If we have a race problem in SVG, I renounce my birth right. I am the biggest supporter of Mr Eustace[well up until the NDP contrive to loose the 2010 election]but I take great offense if folks are going to pull out the RACE CARD TO EXPLAIN THE POLITICAL LANDSCAPE IN VINCYLAND. Make no mistake about the gist of this letter, its pure unadulterated political commentary masked as a discussion on race per se.

      There is no doubt that we as a people have some issues with our identity and the ever increasing foreign influence is not helping the cause. But this is an universal issue where black people are concern. Now if Ms Eustace had frame her discussion from this perspective, then we can really have a honest discussion on “race problems” in SVG…but when you are implying to folks that the reason for the political longevity of Mitchell and Gonsalves is due to their white skin…that is a great insult to Vincentians. I am not buying that bull$#!*.

      So yes lets talk about race…but first lets put things in its proper perspective or we will only be spinning top in mud and insulting each other intelligence.

  22. Amazona Guildingii. I have been victim of race discrimination in the USA while I was studing at Framindale, Long Island so I get upset when in my own black country, race is used to divide us and belittle our black people just because a political party want use anything to gain the upper hand. The problem in our country is not race per se. Is Mr. Gonsolve a racist? NO! I don’t think so. Would Dr. Gonsolve use race to his advantage in a election? 1000 times YES! It is when unprincipled politicial like Dr. Gonsolve interject the idea that he can use race to make a distinction between who is more worthy, more superior and more deserving to exercise power over people’s live. This to me is debasing and immoral. But that is not bad compare to those of us black people who accepts this kind of sludge and lable it good leadership. This is what really get me mad. My questions are these: How could anyone who genuinely claim to love this country and it people sweep aside a statements like: Mr. Eustace is a roast breadfriut ! George Bush would not see Arnmin in the dead of night! Arnmin is a dunce! Anesthia Baptise is a picky head gal! Now, Can someone explain to me what is so grand about these statement coming from the leader of the country that this sort of behaviour is celebrated by black ULP party supporters? Please explain this too because, to me this is just plain vile. How can anyone explain to me this great leadership style of Gonsolves that you all are talking about? Is this leadership or just plain political worship! I can go on and on to show all sort of immoral behaviour practiced by Mr. Gonsolves. But to ULP people these thing are great so long as it is Mr. Gonsolves who is at the end of the thing. Victimization, the wrecking and sale of our national bank, the rape charge, the $1M deposit in the bank, the failure to discipline permanent secretaries who are involved in corruption, 4 years of negative economic growth,These and other things perpetuated by this leader on this land and people are trying to convince us that this man is probably the next best thing to God himself. So Amazona Guildingii all’yo excuse me if I get “pissing” mad. I am all for democracy, but I have the right to respond to what people say. If I think people are speaking crap I reserve the right to say so. If I offend people then, I am big enough to say sorry. I am not against individiual, but I am against the nonsense they stand for and the hypocracy they use to justify obvious wrong doing just because of politics.

  23. BY THE WAY THAT WAS MY FINAL POST ON THIS BLOG! LET ME SAY TO ALL THOSE PEOPLE LIKE VINCY POWA! NONONSENSE!JASON! Amazona Guildingii and the others. I do not have anything against anyone of you. I enjoyed the exchange, the mini fights and arguments! of course we have all said something that were uncalled for and for that I appologise. I do not know any of you personally. As I said before I do believe that we all love this country! We just have different opinion as to how it should be governed and who should lead it. I believe my time will be better spent working with people in the communities who are feeling the squeeze… trying to make them see the light…The political feild is ripe for that. I believe that this is a better use of my time than to be trying to reconvert people who are unmovable. I will continue to read the comments but I will not contribute. PEACE AND OUT!

  24. @ OLBAP, i know how it feels to be frustrated and I sense that you are totally frustrated by the way the country is going and that is why you are so strong in your writing. I can appreciate that but at the same time to each his own opinion ok. I asked the question ” what exactly is the PROBLEM with race in SVG and I cant say I got a convincing answer. You outlined several of Gonsalves, faults and weaknesses but did not tell me what the problem is really. Mr Gonsalves is loved but alomst all of the people in his constituency who are mainly blacks so what is the problem? Do you see my point? They are not complaining, the ULP supporters ( who are the majority, even if a slim majority) are not complaining so again what is the problem. If you were to take a pole and ask most Vincentians if we have a race issue here I feel relatively certain that most would say no..So again what is the problem?….Guess someone will give me an answer soon

  25. Arthur:
    Ms. Eustace merely expressed a matter of grave concern and asks for a public discussion on race in SVD based on what she has experienced. My question then is: Should we sit back and wait on the day when there is violence in the streets before we look for solutions?

    Racism is never a problem for the perpetrators; it is one for the victims. Sometimes the victims are too weak to stand up for themselves, or at times they/we become so callous to racial insults that they/we don’t respond, that is, until one day when they/we have had enough of it. There is nothing wrong with call/asking for a public discussion on the issue. But there is so much so wrong with calling others derogatory names. Ms. Eustace might be prophetic in her call. So my question to you is: Given the choice for discussion now or riot on the streets of Kingstown at some future date, which will you choose? The future is always hopeful for those with vision. And yes, there is a problem with race in SVG. Choosing not to talk about doesn’t mean that there isn’t one. Those of us who are of the darker hew have experienced it one time or another. Haven’t you? (I ask this without knowledge of your skin tone).

  26. I am a dark in complexion but it has never hindered me in any way at all. I have never experienced racism. I have visited almost all the catribbean countries, The USA, canada, England and I have never experienced racism on a personal level. You talk about violence in the street, but do you really think we have such a race issue here that one day it will result in violence on the streets?…..I dont have any problems with discussing the issue of races but the ” sky is not falling”.. and I honestly dont think the issue of race relations here is that big an issue….

  27. Like I said: she called for a public discussion. And we shouldn’t wait for the sky to fall before we try to do something. Then, it might be too late. Vincentians should have, in this 21st century, already moved away from calling each other “Monkey” for any reason, and especially for skin tone. We are an enlightened people in a post modern era. Let us treat each other like we are. Then, others will respect us…

  28. Folks let’s drop this debate. You have to agree many darkies like Arthur never experience any form of racism, because he’s not black – just a dark complexion.

  29. It’s time we all stop this Sh.. talk about racism in SVG. WE ALL ARE VINCENTIANS!!!!! Whenever someone makes a statement and mention the words “black” or “dark” it’s RACIST. Sick and tired of these idiots!!!

  30. Why is there even a need to discuss any issue of race anyway? Blacks have a dark past. Their fore-parents were brought to these parts as slaves. We all know about the evils of slavery. However, because of the scar that slavery left many blacks are super sentative when any comment is made about their blackness and I guess that is understandable. BUt in today’s day in SVG blacks have the same rights as whites or any other races. There are still some whites who will think that blacks are inferiorr and that is not only here, that is whorld wide. I, as a black person have absolutely no problem when fools and imbosils make foolish remakrs. I ignore it. That is what we need to do. We need to stop beiing so damn super sensative about every little comment. If a black person has a sticker on his car lablled ” black power” that wont be a problem. However if a white person has a sticker saying ” white power” my lord. he will be lablled the worst racist every. We are all Vincentians and all have the same rights. No one is better than anyone but there will still be those who want to call others name….grow up and ignore them….

    1. Thank you ENOUGH, I will like to add here that if most of us are to look back at our Ancestors we will find that they are of different races. We should really GROW UP, I know for sure that I am not an African, European, American, Australian or Asian, we are all VINCENTIANS!!!!!. Thanks again brother!!!!

  31. ENOUGH, notice from the time I said to DWELLS let us have a CONVERSATION about RACE on this BLOG, he or she has not RESPONDED.

    The reason being; that INDIVIDUAL really doesn’t want to have a DISCUSSION on RACE, but it is only PRETENDING that he or she does.

  32. POWA:

    Will a conversation on race on this medium effectively and seriously deal the the situation on the ground in SVG? Or, do you think that the relevant persons in government, media, schools, etc. should take up this issue? Or perhaps, just perhaps, are you looking for an outlet to hurl insults? Having analized your discourses over the years on this and other outlets I chose not to have such discussion here. It is not that I have nothing to discuss; I just don’t see the point.
    Thanks for the offer, but no thanks, sir.

  33. DWELLS, you do not see the POINT in SHARING your VIEWS on an ISSUE which you feel the VINCENTIAN PUBLIC should DISCUSS?

    I have ANALYZED your MANTRA on this issue and it boils down to another EPISODE of HOT AIR, because when put on the SPOT to have a DISCUSSION about it on this BLOG, you look for an EASY way out, as seen in your response.

    That said; I do not hurl insults unless it comes my direction. And even when it does, many times I have ignored them because it lends nothing to the issues being discussed.

    Again, I would like to hear/see your views on the issue, which you seen passionate about, so feel free to present your case.

  34. The problem is people are debating their personal and political issues instead of the topics. These back and forth insults serve no purpose. You behave like some vulgar folks in the street who call others “mother this and mother that”. There is no need to attack each other. This media is no place for this behaviour and you add nothing to the improvement of good dialog on issues. If you have nothing to say, say nothing.

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