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Dr. Adrian Fraser.
Dr. Adrian Fraser.

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, March 3, IWN — A historian who last week presented a case for George Augustus McIntosh as a national hero has also argued for the implementation of a system of national honours.

“Without a system of national honours, names are going to be submitted to the National Heroes Committee that are not going to fit the criteria despite the contribution that these people have made,” Dr. Adrian Fraser said on Thursday.

“I have for some time now been arguing that it is not enough for us to have a national hero. There is desperate need for a system of national honours,” he said at the beginning of a lecture at the University of the West Indies Open Campus.

“I make this point simply because there is a host of Vincentians who have made outstanding contributions to this country in a variety of fields. These persons’ contributions should be recognised,” Fraser said.

Meanwhile, educator Curtis King, a member of the national heroes selection committee, said at the lecture that he strongly supports the establishment of national honours.

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“In fact, I believe that we should not complete this process of adding to our national heroes without giving recognition to a national honours system,” he said.

“… I heard the criticism being levelled by others, including Mr. Parnell Campbell, who is a known constitutional lawyer. He has advocated the idea that it would be difficult to have such a system within the framework that we have today, where we are a colonial monarchy with the queen as head of state. I don’t necessarily agree with that. So, I am hoping we can do something with regards to that,” King further said.