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Superintendent of Police Christopher Benjamin.
Superintendent of Police Christopher Benjamin.
Superintendent of Police Christopher Benjamin.
Superintendent of Police Christopher Benjamin.

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, April 4 — Superintendent of Police (SOP) Christopher Benjamin has been equipped with advanced crime fighting strategies after participating in a 10-week course hosted by the FBI National Academy in Virginia, United States.

Benjamin, who heads the Special Branch of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force, returned to St. Vincent last month after participating in the programme, which was attended by 268 law enforcement officers, comprised of men and women from 49 different states; 27 international countries; four military organizations and five federal civilian organizations.

“It brought together decision makers from various levels and organizations. It is evident that challenges we are encountering here as a law enforcement organization are similar to what the participants are encountering. Hence, at the discussion level, we did not have to reinvent the wheel. We were able to draw on past experiences and actions, thus, creating innovative ways for addressing crime,” Benjamin said.

During the course, Benjamin was trained in the national academy networking, enrichment and fitness in law enforcement programme; interview strategies through statement analysis; leadership; ethics, decision making; crime analysis: advanced theory and application; basics in criminal justice research, advance investigation management; and intelligence theory and application for law enforcement managers.

“Having benefitted from this training, it clearly indicates the need for networking. It also shows that we have to build on communication,” Benjamin said.

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Benjamin, who headed Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves’ security detail for several years prior to leading the intelligence arm of the Police Force, added: “This programme helped to broaden my horizon. It helped me to see security from a whole new perspective. We were exposed to a number of innovative systems for doing things.”

He said the programme reminded him of a quote by Albert Einstein, “Imagination is more important that knowledge.”

Training for the programme was provided by the FBI Academy’s instructional staff, special agents and other members holding advanced degrees, many of whom are recognized internationally in their field of expertise.

Participants for this programme were able to earn undergraduate and graduate credits for the University of Virginia, due to the university accreditation of several courses offered.

The course culminated on March 22 with a graduation ceremony at the Academy, which was addressed by FBI Director, Robert Mueller.

The FBI National Academy is internationally known for its academic excellence.

(Police Public Relations & Complaints Department)

6 replies on “Head of Police Special Branch gets FBI training”

  1. Well, maybe Officer Benjamin could reopen Glen’s case and use his new knowledge to get closer to the real culprit…or how about the Shanika Small case, what was the result of the DNA test?…it has been two years since Shanika went missing, I guess it has become a cold case.

    Here is a thought, maybe Officer Benjamin, could have a sit down Michele Andrews and launch a new investigation into her 4am ordeal…oh how foolish am I…wishful thinking. Wait, maybe Officer Benjamin could investigate the mysterious 1 million dollars deposited at the National Bank, by bringing in those whose name was associated with the deposits for a little chat . Maybe I am asking too much of Officer Benjamin;how about an investigation into the ill-treatment of the elected members of the Opposition in Parliament by over-zealous uniformed thugs? No can do?

    Mm, Office Benjamin, wey you good fuh? Well maybe one day, you will make Mr Mueller proud.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS. Our national security issues must not be taken for granted. The enhancement of our human resources via advance training of our law enforcement officers will serve us well.

  3. TEACHERFANG, this man is a Gonsalves chosen special branch leader. This is perhaps a taste of Maurice Bishops work, who surrounded himself with certain police officers who he sent here and there for special training.

    What I find surprising is that this officer was not sent to the ALBA Military Academy for this specialist training. They give training in urban warfare, jungle warfare, terrorism, unarmed combat, socialist/communist indoctrination, making and using explosive devices, telephone and IT tapping and communication eavesdropping, just to name a few activities.

    Perhaps he will take the ALBA course as an advanced course. The trainers are Iranian Revolutionary Guard. No laughing and joking or after work tipple, just 24 hour indoctrination.

  4. By the way what does anyone know anything about the new department for tracing and recording Vincentians emails and phone calls?

    What does anyone know about the IT specialists who are working full time to try and catch bloggers and posters?

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