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Sean Sutherland
Sean Sutherland.

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, April 18, IWN – Two Vincentians received prizes in the West Island Division of the Quebec Entrepreneurship Competition in Canada on April 11.

The Prep Area, a tutorial business founded by Sean Sutherland, was awarded first place in the Service to Individuals category of the competition.

The Prep Area, which is based in Montreal, provides test prep service to students and professionals preparing for standardized tests, such as the SSAT, SAT, ACT, and GMAT.

Sutherland would advance to the regional stage of the competition to compete against other businesses in his category.

Veneza Edwards.
Veneza Edwards.

Also receiving prizes was Fitahh, a business belonging to Veneza Edwards.

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Edwards was awarded a “Coup de coeur” prize in the Exploration, Transformation, and Production category.

Her business primarily manufactures stretch hats, which have widespread application for people with dreadlocks, sportsmen and women who wear helmets, and cancer patients.

9 replies on “Vincentians win business prizes in Canada”

  1. Congratulations to you folks.

    Please ask Ralph Gonsalves why he has not been to Canada now for several years when he used to be a frequent visitor. That stopped when he was accused by a Vincentian- Canadian lady of sex crimes against her. A lady attorney who is Human Rights specialist, she is one of the most trusted and revered Canadian lawyers. She claimed she visited Gonsalves in Kingstown, and that he locked her in his office and sexually assaulted her.

    Unfortunately this matter never went through the courts because the DPP who was appointed by Gonsalves, refused to allow the case to proceed.

    I cannot tell you that Gonsalves is guilty, although he claims not to be. The lady say he is. Who do we believe?

    Gonsalves told the Vincentian people “I sometimes tell lies” his words not mine.

    Seeing as Gonsalves claims not to be guilty of these accusations, why has he stopped visiting the Diaspora in Canada? Whyyyyyyyyyyy?

  2. Peter you are way out of line. You keep this crap up and people will soon learn to love Ralph.
    Here is some good news about Vincentian nationals and you have to interject you Ralph commess into it.

  3. neellocnaturalcare, yes it does, they are Vincentians, there are also others that will be interested in finding the truth.

    We must keep asking the questions on any and every media.

    I do congratulate Veneza Edwards and Sean Sutherland. They are probably decent people who wish to know the answer to “Ralph Gonsalves why he has not been to Canada now for several years when he used to be a frequent visitor”.

    Its important to all Vincentians who are real Vincentian patriots. We must not hide things that are important to Vincentians, because hiding things creates whispering in dark and enclosed places, it must be kept in clear view of the public.

  4. Peter, you are too IGNORANT to REALIZE that you are TAKING AWAY from the ATTENTION that these VINCENTIANS justly DESERVED.

    You gave them a backhanded congratulation and then went on a rant about Dr. Gonsalves.

    There is a TIME and PLACE for this and/or that, but you FAILED MISERABLY to RECOGNIZE that this was not the place nor the time for another of your tired and regurgitated episode of ‘I AM OBSESSED with Dr. Gonsalves.’

    Next time, be conscious in mind and it will help to LIMIT your propensity for ACTING like a LOON. This way you might show some DISCIPLINE, as DIFFICULT as that might be for you to DISPLAY, and so not make comments that are out of term with the subject of the article.

    See you around BUB.

  5. PETER, the IRS (Inland Revenue Service), doesn’t DEAL with LOONS.

    Next time, focus on your attention on the ISSUE at hand (THE TWO VINCENTIANS WHO WON BUSINESS PRIZES) and not what your DELUSIONAL MIND wants to discuss.

    See you around BUB.

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