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Members of The SVG National Rugby Club continue their community outreach projects across the country tackling the issue of garbage, which is taking over the beautiful country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Rugby clubThe team, along with family and friends, have conducted monthly clean ups in places such as Villa, Brighton Beach, Ratho Mill and Petit Bordel (pictured) with many other destinations on the list, including places throughout the Grenadines.

As well as clean ups, the club has been visiting to the Lewis Punnett Home and the Mental Health Centre with donations of clothes and personal items.

The next visit to the Lewis Punnett home, on May 11, will include baking cakes to distribute, handing out clothes and cleaning up the home.

The club is dedicating time to community outreach projects all over the country and will continue on a monthly basis to conduct clean-ups, visits and help in the community.

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Persons interested in receiving help from the club for themselves or their community, or who would like to get involved can contact the club via email — [email protected] or visit their Facebook page.


2 replies on “Rugby Club tackles SVG’s garbage problem”

  1. Thank you so much, your a wonderful bunch of people.

    When ever I go to a beach or tourist location I take along a black bag and pick up garbage and bottles.

    I see more and more of the dollar van drivers and their conductors throwing garbage from the van windows. They must be among the worst polution offenders. They throw garbage and play music so loud I can hear it three vehicles behind.

    Thank you once again, now these people are my hero’s, not national hero’s, but decent people cleaning up after a lot of moronic disgusting literers’.

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