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The Owia Fisheries Complex.
The Owia Fisheries Complex.

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, May 22, IWN – The government has admitted that it is unable to manage properly the Owia Fisheries Complex.

And Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves announced on Monday, Fisherman’s Day, that his government will outsource the management of the facility, located in North Windward.

The complex has not, for some time now, been providing the services for which it was been built.

Ice is no longer sold there but fisherfolk can still rent lockers, I-Witness News understands.

“… I have asked the Minister of Fisheries to put out advertisement [for] people who want to run the Owia Fisheries Complex. We have a beautiful facility up there and we should be using it very well. I don’t have to talk about all the things that we should be doing.

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“But I am satisfied that Government can’t run it properly. And if government can’t run the Owia Fisheries complex properly, that’s not an indictment of me, you know, because when I [am] in my office, I can’t go Owia to run the thing you know, is somebody on the ground have to go Owia go run um (it),” Gonsalves said at a rally in Calliaqua.

“And when they don’t run it well, what do you want me to do? I have to do something else,” he further said in dialect.

“And that is what I am suggesting. We use a different framework, a different approach.”

Some persons had criticised the construction of the facility in Owia, saying that there is not enough business in that part of the country for such a complex.

6 replies on “Gov’t can’t run Owia Fish Complex properly — PM”

  1. How does Obamma run things in Foreign Countries and all the US and still take the blame when things go wrong. Stop passing the buck. You all have the same rank. A leader is a leader where ever. Again, God runs the whole world.

  2. OK it was Owia and not Fancy. I had Fancy in mind because I tried to go by boat to visit the complex, while I was in SVG. I had to turn back because the sea was pretty rough around Fancy. Again my question still stands: Were there any lessons leant from the failure of the Owia Fisheries venture?

  3. Well Gonsalves did many things to look good and to win elections, despite the fact he would have imagined the outcome of the wasteful spending wouldn’t be too fertile based on contrast and comparison of things, surrounding the fishing industry in the Owia and the neighbour hood town of fancy. This is one example of mismanaging Govt money and when Eustace talk about poor economic strategy by the ULP Govt, Gonsalves becomes red hot and emotional and then exhale his dirty verbal remarks.{In economics the term demand and supply is the basic principle for which any country will consider before advancing to an economic exploration] I use to tend not to believe the people of my blessed land but I heard Gonsalves speak for myself more than once,on different matters and because I understand my English language I definitely know how to summarize or evaluate a speech.

  4. Had this facility been built in Calliaqua, Layou, Barrouallieor some other location., the benefits would have been enormous. When a person is stiff-necked and think that only they alone know what’s right, situation like these arise. The bible cant be wrong. Here is what the good book says;

    “Seest thou a man wise in his own eyes? Ther is more hope of a fool than of him.”

  5. Well when you have a Prime minister who only listens to his senator cousin and his other hand picked Ministers of Govt who will tell him just what he wants to hear,things have to happen this way. Every one who took a course in economics knows that in order for any business adventure to be productive it must stems from the basic rules of ‘demand and supply’. Gonsalves should and must have known the economic advantages or disadvantages of
    the fishing industry in Owia and it’s neighborhood town Fancy. So when Eustace,talks about Gonsalves mishandling government money,he Gonsalves should n’t get upset about it,because it’s just truth vs lies coming from these politicians.

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