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Customs guard Othneil “Money-Man” Whyte died on June 3, 2012.
Customs guard Othneil “Money-Man” Whyte died on June 3, 2012.

“Delay of justice is injustice,” wrote Walter Savage Landor.

A year has passed and there is still no inquest into the murder of my father, Othniel Whyte. Does it really take more than 365 days to start a coroner’s inquest or is the office of the DPP that incompetent that it cannot handle that simple task? I have written about this issue on numerous occasions but apparently my appeals have fallen on deaf ears because there has been no indication as to when that inquest will beging. I, however, unlike my father, am still here and will not be discouraged that easily. I will continue to write and speak about this issue until it is resolved.

In my last article, I stopped short of stating why I thought the Venezuelans were released. However, I would like to share some light on that. In September of last year, there were accusations and assumptions by persons in and out of the media of a possible deal made between the Governments of SVG and Venezuela, which led to the release of the four remaining Venezuelans. These accusations were made after it was discovered that a Venezuelan politician and relative of most of the men on-board the vessel, made comments in the Venezuelan press about a possible deal between the two governments, which secured the release of the remaining four.

Was there a deal or not? The answer to that we may never know. What we know however, is that:

  • The men were released two and a half weeks before elections in Venezuela;
  • The comments about the possible deal were made by a member of the ruling party and not a member of the opposition as was previously stated by the Prime Minister;
  • That same politician went on to win the elections in Nueva Esparta and became Governor of that state;
  • The captain of the vessel and a few others were traveling on false passports and were never charged for that;
  • St Vincent and the Grenadines is still awaiting the commencement of the coroner’s inquest;
  • The Venezuelan embassy has not insisted that an inquest be conducted into the death of their nationals.

So it’s business as usual and the Venezuelans continue to escape justice here in SVG while Vincentians continue to pay the price. It was not the first time that a similar case against Venezuelans was discontinued based on the lack of evidence. On September 23, the Coast Guard, the Special Services Unit, and the drug squad allegedly ordered a boat to stop, but the crew reportedly opened fire, whereupon authorities returned fire, killing two Venezuelan nationals, Matias Dominquez and Alexis Munoz. The police opened an investigation, and the Venezuelan relatives filed lawsuits for wrongful death against the authorities. Authorities later released four other Venezuelan nationals arrested in the incident for lack of evidence.

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The DPP has become famous not only in SVG but in the rest of the world for discontinuing cases, and was recently given more power on which to do so, thus making him judge and jury. Maybe his conviction rate should be checked and a decision should be made to continue or discontinue his service. “The law exists for the purpose of establishing justice and when they fail in this purpose they become the dangerously structured dams that block the flow of social progress.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

My father didn’t die; he just went home. But as his four sons continue to live on this earth, he shall live through us. Everyone one day will answer to God for every decision that he or she makes. So I am not worried because God bears with the wicked, but not forever. The fight for justice is never easy. It never has been, and never will be. It exacts a toll on our self, our families, our friends, and especially our children. In the end, I believe, as in my case, the price we pay is well worth holding on to our dignity. On Monday, June 3, Join our family as we remember my father for the man he was. There will be a candle-light vigil and memorial service starting at the airport parking lot in Clifton to the Hugh Mulzac Square in Clifton Union Island from 7:30 p.m.. We are asking persons to wear something white.

“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.” — Elie Wiesel

(Editor’s note: An autopsy conducted by the State concluded that Whyte died of drowning.)

Abdon Whyte

6 replies on “Still no inquest into death of Customs guard (Opinion)”

  1. If ever there was case to be made for a WRONGFUL DEATH CLAIM, this is it. I strongly believe that the Police officers were negligent in their conduct and this resulted in the death of Mr Whyte. I am not sure about your catalog of conspiracy theories nor do I buy into the “murder she wrote” narrative that some are alluded to…but what is clear and known by all Vincentians is that our Police Force is filled with incompetence of the highest order from top to bottom.

    The first order of business when the NDP gets back into office in the not so distant future is to remove the Commissioner of Police forthwith. This fool can’t tell his ass from his elbow and this malady has affected the whole force. Mr Whyte’s death could have been prevented, if only these fools had done their most basic duty of having your comrade’s back. None of his comrades had his back when it most matters.

    A most shameful indictment of our Police Force.

  2. I definitely support Mr. Whyte’s actions in doing his spectacularly best to bring closure to this unbelievably astonishing case; although I do not agree with some of his methods in getting to the bottom of it.
    What is highly questionable, and needs more attention, is the fact that a Venezuelan boat “El Amigo Fay” was boarded by “two officials” of the Government of SVG in territorial waters, and something happened… (I, like most Vincentians, am’ still at lost as to what actually happened), and one came back to port without the other.
    What, in the eyes of Corporal Rohan Deshong happened to Mr. Whyte, who went out with him to the “El Amigo Fay”?
    The news report states that officer Deshong”ordered those on the vessel to bring the boat back to the dock…it was not noticed that Whyte was missing until the boat returned to the dock”, he brought the boat back to port and could not account for Mr. Whyte.
    Could not account for Mr. Whyte? Are you serious?
    Abdon needs to search for answers in the right places. He cannot simply rely on the media or the streets for information, and especially not the news papers.
    If one asks the right questions of the right persons, they should get the right answers.

    The Searchlight paper, which broke the news, is wholly unreliable, in that they set the stage for all this drama in a highly speculative manner, with their “shoddy reporting” on the events surrounding the case.
    On the other hand, the shooting death of “Scarface” ought to be looked into. That too, seems “out ‘ah place” to me.

  3. Teacherfang I have to agree concerning the removal of the Commissioner, but why wait. I will take it a set further, and call for his immediate resignation. He is inept, ineffectual, and too complacent in his position as top cop. He needs to step up his game and be more assertive . All this bull-crap within the force will have to be sanctioned by someone, and that someone could only be the Commissioner. Step down Sir!

  4. NIGHT IN RUSTY ARMOUR, are you beginning to think the police are out of control? Or even the minister responsible for them is out of control?

    There has already been written quite a lot about both the matters that you mention.

    Mr Whyte dead in strange curcumstances, no guns found, no drugs found, several dead, no one charged, police officer involved recommended and promoted, only gun proven to have been fired that of the police officer, crew and boat owner released and sent back to Venezuela, no one charged, no Inquest, no full explanation, just silence, what do we make of that.

    Promise made to Mr Whytes family of special assistance, nothing, nada, zilch.

    Now if Gonsalves insisted that things should happen, they would happen, we must blame him, because he has hushed his mouth on the subject.

    Don’t you think that there should be a full enquiry into the matter? Its a national, and regional disgrace, it appears to be unconstitutional and is looking more like a Whyte wash job every day.

    TEACHERFANG, If you can’t smell a conspiracy, you should get your hooter checked out, your becoming to trusting in your old age.

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