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The "Bunpan" office in Marriaqua was burglarized sometime between Monday evening and Tuesday morning.
The “Bunpan” office in Marriaqua was burglarized sometime between Monday evening and Tuesday morning.
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The burglars broke the locks off this door to an office inside the building. (IWN photo)
The burglars broke the locks off this door to an office inside the building. (IWN photo)

Mesopotamia — The Marriaqua United Friendly Society — “Bunpan” — was Wednesday still calculating the extent of losses after a burglary sometime between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.

Thieves broke into the Bunpan office in this agricultural district and took an undisclosed sum of money.

Police say that they are yet to identify a suspect but investigations continue.

Staff at the society, whose members pool money to fund funeral expenses, say that burglars entered the two-storey building through a side door on the ground floor.

They then pried open two other wooden doors before opening the metal casing that houses the vault.

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The vault was then pried open and an undisclosed amount of money stolen.

Earlier reports on radio that the vault was stolen are false, but the security device was so badly damaged that it cannot be closed and has to be replaced.

In addition to taking the cash, the thieves went to the upper floor of the building and drank juice from the refrigerator, a staff member told I-Witness News.

The burglars also defecated in the toilet and left without flushing it, the staff member further said.

It is not the first time that the building is being burglarized. Some men were jailed some years ago after police caught them spending money containing the serial numbers of cash stolen from the society.

3 replies on “‘Bunpan’ still counting losses after burglary”

  1. Eric Williams says:

    The person who is in charge of BUNPAN seem to be still living in the forties and fifties, when people save their money under their bed mattresses. He/she cant be living in St. Vincent, and is being so lax with poor people hard earned money. He/she should be held responsible, and made to reimburse every cent.

  2. Dian Weekes says:

    After all these years fr the time,

    me I was a little girl they join you in bun pan, and to this day all your are getting is $5000. Am 51 yrs, if you calculator fr 14 to 50 and see the difference is high way robbery , is just for poor people who have to survive in our country, a desent burial can run you to $ 9000.00 especially if you’re a big person. Join the credit union people’s.

  3. Teacherfang (@Llijame) says:

    Don’t be a menace to Mespo while drinking juice and defecating in bunpan. What kind of vault bunpan got, when a thief could pry open it? Are the bunpan folks so cheap that they can’t invest in a proper vault? At least give the thieves a little headache to figure out how to get into the vault….damn. Anyone seen barbershop?

    But speaking of bunpan, I wish to share an experience I had years ago going to bunpan on one of those idyllic Saturday morning to “mek up the book” …this was sometime in the early 90’s…Picture the usual mayhem that took place at bunpan on a saturday morning…the place packed like sardine;folks talking cloth,man cussing,children running about, some bawling, the atmosphere in the building hot and sweaty and folks jostling to get upfront to the counter…it was sheer madness. So I am there in the crowd trying to push my way upfront and I am just a few feet away from the counter, when all of a sudden a woman from the back of the line, got up on a man’s shoulder and then proceeded, with cat like speed and balance, to step on other people’s head and shoulder and made her way right up to the front of the line…folks were so taken aback by the boldness of this woman they momentarily mum…of course some people began cussing…one man in particular felt “blighted” as the woman in question had on a dress! Go figure…it remains one of the most amazing feat of chutzpah I have witness in my life…only in Vincyland. What memories!

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