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Kathleen Daniel-Adams, mother of Shelisa Adams receives cheque from Divisional Manager-Retail of Coreas Hazells Inc., Debbie Huggins.
Kathleen Daniel-Adams, mother of Shelisa Adams receives cheque from Divisional Manager-Retail of Coreas Hazells Inc., Debbie Huggins.

Local company Coreas Hazells Inc. this week donated EC$1,000 (EC$1=US$0.37) to help with the expenses of a student who has to travel to the United States for medical expenses this summer.

The student, Shelisa Adams, was born with a bladder condition and will travel to Richmond, Virginia to receive further medical attention courtesy the World Paediatric Project

Divisional Manager-Retail of Coreas Hazells Inc., Debbie Huggins, presented the cheque to Adams’ mother, Kathleen Daniel-Adams.

Daniel-Adams said her daughter has undergone surgery for her condition but needs another operation.

The mother said she is happy that her daughter, who is now a Form 1 student, is making the most of life.

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“She is taking it cool, because she doesn’t take on anything. And I am happy and grateful for that because when she was growing up, I used to be scared, thinking that when she grows up she would be frustrated and stuff like that. But she isn’t,” Daniel-Adams said.

The local Rotarians sourced medical attention for Adams in Virginia.

2 replies on “Local firm helps fund student’s medical travel”

  1. TeacherFang says:

    Ok I am going to be the A$$h*le, and say it…do you really need to have all this sort of publicity as a prominent business place in SVG for a paltry grand? Really? You mean to say, you couldn’t simply give the poor woman the cheque in the privacy of your office and put a notice in the newspaper stating the good deed you have done? You really had to publicly shame the woman with a big- wutless-ar$e-looking cheque for a thousand EC dollars eh? Lawd hav mercy,when yo poor, yo really afo put up with all kinda humiliation.

    One of the best if not the best idea of the NDP is the medical insurance scheme. It is really,both frustrating and heartbreaking to see poor people going about begging for money to send their love ones overseas for medical attention. We need to really address this issue and the overall health care of our people. Imagine if all that money we invested in the argyle airport and put that in our health care services;we wouldn’t be having our people going all over the place for medical attention that can be done right at home.

    By the way, why go to the US for such a condition?…are there no medical facilities in the region to do this procedure? Just curious.

    I hope everything goes well for the young lady.

  2. TEACHERFANG, your spot on right. I have decided today not to buy anything else from ACE, Diamond Woods, Corea’s Pharmacy, Super Market or Corea’s Hardware.


    Because I spend a couple of grand a month in those business’s and think that this whole matter stinks. Using things such as someone winning a draw, or a prize or something is OK. But embarrassing this young lady is so out of order I have decided to punish Corea’s. Using some ones bad luck or unfortunate position to advertise a business for a stinking measly $1000 is a joke, won’t even get her to Barbados and back with a stop over.


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