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Ronald “Ron B” Browne -- “Trying To Make Ends Meet”
Ronald “ron b” browne — “trying to make ends meet”
Javelle “Lady Diya” Frank – “Don’t Cry Kingstown”
Javelle “lady diya” frank – “don’t cry kingstown”
John Dougan – “Betrayal”
John dougan – “betrayal”
Shaunelle Mc Kenzie – “Mama Cry”
Shaunelle mc kenzie – “mama cry”
Glen “Bump I” Richards – “Judge”
Glen “bump i” richards – “judge”
Glenford “Azarah” Charles -- “If”
Glenford “azarah” charles — “if”
Dennis Bowman – “Wey Ye Dey”
Dennis bowman – “wey ye dey”
Carlos “Chang I” Morgan – “100% Vincy”
Carlos “chang i” morgan – “100% vincy”
 Grantley “Ipa” Constance – “Drunken Master”

grantley “ipa” constance – “drunken master”
Glenroy “Homey” Delpesche – “Svg Will Rise”
Glenroy “homey” delpesche – “svg will rise”
Lornette &Quot;Fya Empress&Quot; Nedd Is The Reigning Calypso Monarch. (File Photo)
Lornette “fya empress” nedd is the reigning calypso monarch. (file photo)

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One reply on “In photos: Calypso finalists 2013”

  1. Avatar Of TeacherfangTeacherFang says:

    Where is Rejector? Damn. These judges really leave out Rejector and pick Lady Diya? OMG! Anyway, I had the majority of these picks in my lineup, so the judges got it right for the most part.

    Bump-I, Bowman and Ipa are my favorites for the crown…but my favorite of all the kaiso is definitely Bump-I. I hope he has a good second sound.

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