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Liat On Wednesday Announced A Security Surcharge “In Response To Rising Security Demands And Spiralling Security Costs”
Liat on wednesday announced a security surcharge “in response to rising security demands and spiralling security costs”

Regional airline LIAT announced Wednesday that it has implemented a security surcharge on tickets “in response to rising security demands and spiralling security costs”.

The new security surcharge of US$1.25 per one-way trip applies to all passengers, including children and infants, on all LIAT flights, the airline said.

It said heightened airline and airport security over the last 10 years has resulted in rising security demands on airlines.

“Additional security measures at many airports have been introduced including extra baggage searches and increased security around aircraft while on the ground.

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“Over the past several years security costs have been climbing and LIAT has been absorbing these costs in an effort to cushion the effects on its customers. With the introduction of the security surcharge, LIAT hopes to recoup some of the additional security costs,” the airline further said in a release.

The airline further said it takes the safety and security of its customers and employees very seriously “and appreciates your understanding in the current circumstances”.

It further said it joins more than 100 airlines worldwide which have introduced similar charges since 2001.

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